Banning Burkinis only further marginalizes women who are marginalized


In an effort to protect  marginalized women from extremism, progressive country outlaws the only attire available to marginalized women seeking to broaden their experiences by swimming. The local law enforcement can now help these women acclimate to the progressive culture by forcing them to strip in public places, giving fines, and intimidating them off the beach and back into their limited marginalized existence.

That was satire by the way… But this unfortunately isn’t…

Armed police order Muslim woman to remove her burkini on packed Nice beach

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Patriarchy, Racism & Women

Patriarchy has many forms of expression, racism and sexism being one of them. The continued harassment, humiliations, persecution, of women is no less tied to racism than the murder of innocent men. EVERY patriarchal culture that places women in subordination of men creates more acutely affected women when that CULTURE is ITSELF the target of RACISM. The already confined women become not only the target of their male privileged society, but also that of the dominating people’s racism. This adds another layer of difficulties, issues, stressers, and devaluation to minority women’s lives.
Do you know who supports these black/brown/minority women? NO ONE.
Because not only does the dominating culture reject them, but so do SOME OF THEIR VERY OWN join in on the harassing behavior.
I can only imagine the comments from the extreme conservatives within their own communities attacking these women for even DARING to go out to a beach, for being defying enough to engaging in this questionable behavior, this beach going. How dare they even ATTEMPT to bathe in public waters for all to see.
Women being targeted by men.
Women being harassed from every corner of the earth.
Women being judged.
Women being hurt.
Women being humiliated.

This is patriarchy.

SYSTEMATIC aggression towards all women. Minority women being trampled in the name of a racism entangled with sexism and abuse of power and privilege.

The Burkini Explained


Want to know the reason behind a BURKINI? Maybe you should ask a Muslim Woman about that. Maybe you could even ask the creator… 
Aheda speaks to The Guardian saying…
I invented the burkini in early 2004, it was to give women freedom, not to take it away. My niece wanted to play netball but it was a bit of a struggle to get her in the team – she was wearing a hijab. My sister had to fight for her daughter to play, had to debate the issue and ask, why is this girl prevented from playing netball because of her modesty?
Once the girl was allowed to participate, it became obvious that she didn’t have any clothing for the spot. Aheda ended up designing the garment herself.
I remember when I first tested the burkini. First I tested it in my bathtub, I had to make sure it worked. Then I had to test it by diving in it, so I went to the local pool to test that the headband would stay put, so I went to Roselands Pool, and I remember that everyone was staring at me – what was I wearing? I went right to the end of the pool and got on the diving board and dived in. The headband stayed in place, and I thought, beauty! Perfect!
It was my first time swimming in public and it was absolutely beautiful. I remember the feeling so clearly. I felt freedom, I felt empowerment, I felt like I owned the pool. I walked to the end of that pool with my shoulders back.
You can find her Burkinis HERE.

What do DO something for the women being harassed by police?

Donate to help cover their Fines. Bee Tajudeen from Black Blossoms and Hareem Ghani are fundraising in aid of Muslim women fined for wearing the burkini – please donate and share the page.

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