Be still and listen

My world is changing very quickly.

The movers came this past week and our house is now empty. We’re in the process of picking out our new home. We’re trying to piece together our future while at the same time reminiscing on the past few years… And the present… The present hurts.

The present is making time to see friends before we leave.

The present is deciding how and when to say goodbye.

The present is not wanting to say goodbye but also not wanting to miss out on the last few days being within a drive’s distance of some of the lovely humans that have made themselves part of my world.

I was sitting inside when I heard the cries of my little girl outside. She was riding her bike with one of our neighbors and her mom. I ran out thinking she had fallen. But then I learned that the reason was not a physical hurt…

My sweet daughter and her friend had tried to visit D, another neighborhood friend, and she was gone. Painters were working on her house. The reality of leaving finally hit my little one like walking straight into a brick wall. She wasn’t ready.

All I could think about was how grateful I was to the voices that guide me. Just a couple of days ago the the girls were playing in the sprinklers. I was totally relaxed, just wathicng them giggle and run and skip. Not a care in the world. But suddenly I felt myself being pushed. “It’s such a beautiful evening” I heard myself think. “Lili, you should take photos.” I didn’t want to get up, but I did. Without a second thought, I rushed home, grabbed the camera, and took photos. The sun rewarded me with a gorgeous golden hour of precious warm sunshine.

To my happy surprise, before the evening was over, D showed up to play, too. I kept looking at this one spot in the drive way, such pretty light… This was “the spot”. I insisted on a group photo reminding myself that we were leaving soon, if there’s a time to insist, it was today.

I know why I got up for those photos. Why I insisted. In the quiet pleasure of being immersed in playtime, I heard the calling.

Today, take the photos today.

As it turns out, it really was the last time our girls would play together… Innocently… Without goodbyes… Without knowing it would soon end… Without realizing their precious time in each others company would be over… Even we, the mothers, didn’t know… We just smiled and waved and said, “We still have a little time.”

But we didn’t…


Magic isn’t that hard to find.


It’s everywhere.


In the little things.


In the little people.


Be still and listen.

You will hear the calling.

You might witness magic.


But only if you’re looking for it.


2 Comments on Be still and listen

  1. Christine
    July 13, 2016 at 6:30 pm (3 years ago)

    It was magic ✨ you and your family will be missed once it’s your time to PCS. It never felt so hard before

  2. Shannon
    July 13, 2016 at 7:02 pm (3 years ago)

    This made me a little ready eyed. The goodbyes are always the hardest part


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