Behind the Scenes: From Sketch to Digital! { World Sketchnote Day 2016 }


Today is World Sketchnote Day 2016! #SNDay2016

To celebrate I am sharing with you a little behind the scenes look at one of the simpler processes of how I turned one of my sketches into digital art.

Once the design is digital, the skys the limit! Customize your website, make custom items for your shop, print out coloring pages, create post acres, posters, t-shirts. It’s totally infinite, use your imagination!

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sketch to digital

Hilarious conversation to custom T-Shirt Line

After posting a few of my breastfeeding cartoons (here & here) a good friend and colleague, Eva from Eva Creel Photography, reached to me wondering if I would like collaborate with her on making a funny breastfeeding awareness shirt.

“So I was thinking about boobs.

I got boobies on my mind and damn right my milkshake is better than yours. So MILKSHAKES.

Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate…” – Eva

Yes… That is how it all started. I couldn’t stop laughing at the idea of mommy milkshakes.

It quickly expanded to milk boxes, cartons, and gallons. I love the idea so much I immediately started doodling some milk containers, giggling along the way. Oh how fantastic this would be.

Because let’s face it. As breastfeeding moms there’s no way of going around it. We feel like cows. Like dairy cows. Some of us even pump on a daily basis, only cementing that idea even more. We sit here, with babies and pumps at our breasts… being milked.

But you know what? It’s amazing. Human milk is totally incredible and I am thankful every day I am fortunate enough to be able to provide this gift to my children (I know many women who simply could not breastfeed despite their best intentions). The benefits, bonding, and comfort that breastfeeding brings will last a lifetime and I know that it is the right choice for my family. I am proud to be providing human milk for my human baby.

So with giggles in my chest, I drew chocolate milk, strawberry milk, and whole milk cartons and milkshakes.

After I was happy with my pencil sketches, I traced them with markers.


After that’s done, you move onto the digitalizing process. I will make life easy on ya and tell you that CamScanner is the best phone app in existence. This is the result! Pretty nifty huh?

New Doc 30_1

With a little Photoshop magic, I use layers to strip off the background and add color. A little back and forth and we pick a catchy hashtag for our proposed clothe line and create our logo. Done.

eva & Lili logo 2

The entire process I’m chatting back and forth with Eva about ideas, plans, and cracking jokes. We can’t stop from making it happen. It’s just too much fun.

After I send her the images, Eva puts together these amazing shirts. I love them. There is an element of naughtiness in the innocent illustrations. That inside joke we’ve all made… A hilarious shout out to all the nursing moms out there. It’s pure fun and with playful intentions. Designed for all the humorous badass breastfeeders we know.


Milkshakeboobs Milkshakeboobs
by Liliana Hernandez

Thanks, Eva, for reaching out to me for this fun project. It definitely tickled me to work on this and hope to continue collaborating with you and others bringing ideas and designs to life. What fun!

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