Blast from the past!

So among the things opened by my enthusiastic daughter, one box sent by my mom had an old dictionary from when I was a child. It was a picture dictionary in Spanish. I had asked my mom to send a few books as gifts, and among the ones she sent, she included this old one that was laying around in my old bedroom.

It was pretty neat to see it, and I was surprised that this looks practically new! I can’t believe it’s been sitting around for like 20 years!

The amazing part? When I was browsing through the pages I came up on the middle section that had some old papers saved. When I saw what they were I was floored.

They were keepsakes from 1993-94 the year I was a Daisy Girl Scout! I was part of Troop 121 until it split up in 2000 or 2001. So a very large portion of my childhood is filled with memories of this wonderful group of friends.

Our amazing troop leader, Sandra, who we called “Lilly”, just recently passed away battling cancer. And it was quite emotional to see her signature on my little Daisy certificate. I feel like she pops up in my life every now and again, like she’s still thinking of me and all of us in the old Troop. She made it such an amazing experience.


This is the book. I believe my mom told me it was a gift from my grandmother from my father’s side. She has since passed also. by Liliana Beatriz by Liliana Beatriz


Daisies beginning… 1993 by Liliana Beatriz


Crossing the bridge over to Brownies… 1994 by Liliana Beatriz by Liliana Beatriz


Our little “program” for the ceremony. by Liliana Beatriz by Liliana Beatriz


And this little treasure I wrote presumably 20 years ago. Talks about 3 girls in the troop, Marinelly, Anjanet, and Priscila. Anjanet is still one of my best friends and has been all these years.

“Liliana Beatriz

Porque somos iguales. Marinelly a ella le gusta los animles y ami.

Diferente Anjanet le gusta el arozz con abichuelas y amino.

Prisila que es una buena amiga

Una amiga lo ayuda a caminar si estas enfermo.

Una buena amiga lo imbita a su casa.” by Liliana Beatriz



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