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Maastricht, Amstel Gold & Fabio Felline { Travel }


We were visiting the Netherlands this weekend and I figured it was a good time to share some photos from the travels!

The husband was participating in the Amstel Gold Ride on Saturday so we arrived on Friday afternoon. The Netherlands is officially one of our favorite places to visit because truly where else can you stay in a castle? Yes, that’s right, a castle. Go check it out!

Here are some images from that same visit to Utrecht during the start of the Tour de France last year. I really loved that trip! Netherlands is basically bicycle heaven, so we find it really fun! Remember my old bike? Goodness I miss her, RIP Key West Bakfiets!


So after having such a lovely experience last time, I knew this would probably be enjoyable too.

We were greeted by friendly local drug dealers, so we knew we were in the right place, HA!

After we wondered into the city, we realized our hotel was facing one of the main plazas in the city. Which was pretty neat! The place was a restaurant (score!) and then the upper floors of the building where the hotel.

DSCF9288 DSCF9289

They had cake here that was to die for. Seriously so good!

Friday we wandered about during the evening so that I could have some sort of an idea for the area. It was a pretty city, but I still think Utrecht was prettier. Little Lue said it looked like San Juan. Overall a nice place to hang out in.


But evidently it was way more fun at night, because there was a serious party going on both Friday and Saturday night… that we could hear… All. Night. Long.

You’ve been warned, if you’re looking for sleep, pick a different place to stay! LOL

Saturday, husband was off riding and I went shopping with the girls. Insane, I know. I did get some cute things for us though, success!

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After that it was time for a rest, so the littlest one took a nap and Little Lue enjoyed some Dutch speaking cartoons while mommy had some time to play with her pens…   

Elevate. Rise. Make magic. #womensart #goddessenergy #elevate #rise #makemagic #artistaboricua #boricuaartist #illustrator #mujer #energiafemenina #crisisisland #maastricht #travelingartist A photo posted by Liliana Beatriz Artworks (@lilianaartworks) on

Eventually daddy joins us… HOORAY! HE DID IT! we mostly stay close to the hotel… and had more cake…

The next morning we were in for a fun surprise! Turns out the professional Amstel Gold Race was staring in that very plaza!  So our morning turned into a cycling teams parade.


We decided to sit somewhere, grab some coffee and chill while we enjoyed the scene…


But we have children… so you know how long that lasted… Even with Trek Team Cowbells…

Husband pointed out that the pros were easy to spot. Tennis shoes, and no helmets. (They we’re sighing “the board”, whatever that means.) So I tried to catch anyone riding by… and I did…


Turns out this is Fabio Felline who would go on to fall off his bike in some sort of freak accident and break his skull, all before the race even started. Ouch. Sorry Fabio! Hope you are recuperating!  (You can tell it’s him by the number on the bike, here’s a better photo.)

And for all those who must have video…

After the girls made it clear that they did not in fact want to sit in the cold in a giant crowd staring at bikes and people, we decided to head back to the hotel, grab our stuff and zig zag through the streets to the parking lot where out car waited.

It was pretty fun to see the race start, even if we didn’t actually get to SEE the race start! Such is life!

More photos from the day, here. Until next time :)



Honor Ride 2015 { Cycling Photography }


So today we woke up early for the Honor Ride that the hubby was doing. I have been wanting to do more sport photography since I enjoy documenting and story telling, and I had been trying to shoot one of his events for like… over a year?! Some how it always ended up being that I couldn’t go, or forgot the camera, or something or other. But not today!

I had lots of fun shooting and I hope I get to do more of it. Maybe next time I will bring out the “big camera”. All I had today was my Fuji x-T1, which I might admit did fabulously for this being sports.

The sun wasn’t quite up when we arrived…



Little Lue was pretty excited about the whole thing :)




I think this is possibly my favorite image…



Once the ride was about to start, we set ourselves up for some photos!



It was a great ride to see, a huge crowd of riders!




And they’re off!






I was worried I would miss the hubs in the crowd, but I didn’t! Even caught our friends, Mike and Betsy!







So after all the riders were gone, Little Lue was ready for her turn.



It seems that our lone extra rider caught the eye of the event managers, and they decided she could have her own number… and medal!



How’s that for awesome!





Alright! Then it was time to WAIT! This was a 60mile ride, which meant I had a couple of hours ahead of me to wait for their return. We decided to get coffee and milk at a near by shop, Banyan Coffee & Tea, which so happened to be next to Growing Up! I had never been to either place, but I totally loved the ambience and Growing Up had this awesome kids play area and a giant stash of baby carriers and cloth diapers. Swoon!

Alright, so after that pit stop, we headed back for the finish!

Princess P could barely handle the anticipation haha


A few random finishers…



And there he is!


And a little group shot of riding crew.




More cycling fun here… hehe