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Honor Ride 2015 { Cycling Photography }


So today we woke up early for the Honor Ride that the hubby was doing. I have been wanting to do more sport photography since I enjoy documenting and story telling, and I had been trying to shoot one of his events for like… over a year?! Some how it always ended up being that I couldn’t go, or forgot the camera, or something or other. But not today!

I had lots of fun shooting and I hope I get to do more of it. Maybe next time I will bring out the “big camera”. All I had today was my Fuji x-T1, which I might admit did fabulously for this being sports.

The sun wasn’t quite up when we arrived…



Little Lue was pretty excited about the whole thing :)




I think this is possibly my favorite image…



Once the ride was about to start, we set ourselves up for some photos!



It was a great ride to see, a huge crowd of riders!




And they’re off!






I was worried I would miss the hubs in the crowd, but I didn’t! Even caught our friends, Mike and Betsy!







So after all the riders were gone, Little Lue was ready for her turn.



It seems that our lone extra rider caught the eye of the event managers, and they decided she could have her own number… and medal!



How’s that for awesome!





Alright! Then it was time to WAIT! This was a 60mile ride, which meant I had a couple of hours ahead of me to wait for their return. We decided to get coffee and milk at a near by shop, Banyan Coffee & Tea, which so happened to be next to Growing Up! I had never been to either place, but I totally loved the ambience and Growing Up had this awesome kids play area and a giant stash of baby carriers and cloth diapers. Swoon!

Alright, so after that pit stop, we headed back for the finish!

Princess P could barely handle the anticipation haha


A few random finishers…



And there he is!


And a little group shot of riding crew.




More cycling fun here… hehe

Cyclist Spouse Basics { 13 Things you may have to live with }



So your spouse / significant other is picking up a new hobby? Cycling? Oh fantastic, they’re going to get nice and fit doing all that riding. Oh and those cute little cyclist kits they wear? Yup, my man has an awesome ass… you’re going to love those.

But before you get too excited, let me give you a fair warning.


{ 13 Things you may have to live with }

1- That first bike that was too expensive to buy… is probably already useless… need new one.

2- That second one… useless… need a new one.

3- Bicycle parts… bicycle tools… and lots and lots of cycling kits…

4- Got winter? Need winter kits… gloves… lots of gloves, those other gloves you got yesterday suck.

5- Sunday mornings are not for cuddling in bed, they’re for Sunday ride.

6- Saturday mornings are not for cuddling in bed, they’re for events.

7- People who create group rides in the middle of a Saturday clearly hate families.

8- Sufferfest is a thing… Buy ear plugs.

9- Chocolate milk is also a thing.

10- Watch out for those water bottles, they mate at night. You’re going to have a big water bottle problem.

11- XYZ bicycle company having a huge sale. Get ready, you’re about to purchase another bike. But OMG it’s ON SALE.

12- The bike is coming on vacation.

13- The vacation is not a vacation, it’s actually a ride that happens to require a hotel.


Have a spouse / significant other that cycles? Totally want to hear about it… I can’t be alone on this one!

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