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Those tiny sweet moments

For some reason this small moment really caught me off guard. Little Lue was asking for a small square tile (the size of a coaster) which has her feet stamped on it. I was a little hesitant, as this is a keep sake and relatively fragile, but I decided it would be ok for her to handle for a few minutes as I watched.

The tile was a gift from our close friends who own a pottery shop in town; Key West Pottery. They are the most spectacular couple and family and enormously talented. I will probably talk about them more later. Anyhow, this little tile was their gift to us. They had us stamp Little Lue’s tiny feet on the tile, she was just about 2 weeks old… And while she wasn’t the tinniest newborn (8 lbs 6 oz… and nope, I didn’t tear!) she was still my tiny little lady.

As the now fully toddler Little Lue held this tile I felt myself tearing up. There she was lining up her foot to the little foot prints. Her foot is now larger than the tile. She kept saying “zapato” (“shoe” in Spanish). Just took her sweet time investigating this item. You could almost hear those wheels turning in her head as she compared the small foot print with her own. I wonder if she knew they were hers. Could toddlers have memories of their infant days? Womb days?

Needless to say I couldn’t resist the urge to grab my camera and try and capture a small portion of this moment.

This is really what photography is about for me. I think poses are cheesy. Beautiful, yes, but still… Just poses… Capturing little moments that I want to burn into my eyes and heart, those are the things I want to photograph… The moments I know I won’t be able to truly recall.




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