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Little Lue on Stage <3


It’s May and that means it’s DANCE RECITAL TIME! Little Lue was SO excited to get her costume, practice her moves, and finally see what it was like to be on a real stage putting up a show!

Somehow I got roped into volunteering to watch her class for the LONG wait, but at least I got all the action shots, yeah?


After much coloring, tutu bathroom breaks, and not so patient waiting, this 3 and 4 year old class was finally called up!2016-05-15_0002

And then it was SHOW TIME! Let’s just say it was quite enjoyable, ha!

2016-05-15_0005 2016-05-15_0004

After the show we had to wait some more for the GRAND FINALLY, which was pretty dificult to explain to tiny dances, but we made it!


I think my favorite part was snapping this photo of my favorite (and probably everyone else’s) dance teacher, Miss Kate <3 She’s so amazing, and has taught both Little Lue and now our Tinniest Dancer. You might recall her from this post. 


They were so damn cute <3





Thanks for reading :)

Giving Barbie’s Make Over a HUGE High Five!

A Barbie Girl

Here’s the truth, as a child of the 90s. I loved Barbie. I had a large pink trunk in my room… It was filled with Barbies. I would spend entire summers with my cousin (who lived a few houses down) and my neighborhood girl friends…  playing with Barbies. We had all the clothes, all the dolls, we had the houses, the furniture, the cars, the horses, everything you could possibly think of. Between all of us, we possibly had the entire Barbie line up. And we played with those dolls, hard. We even made movies with the dolls! Barbie was possibly the most used toy in my childhood. She was a huge part of my childhood. There’s no denying that.

A quick Google Search got me reminiscing with this post. Come on, that mermaid was badass!

And the Kelly with the toilet? Classic…

Reevaluating Barbie as a Mother

Time goes on and out of that group of friends, I am, so far, the only one with children. And I happen to have 2 daughters. Despite the wonderfully fond memories of playing with Barbie dolls, I had refused to purchase a single Barbie doll for them. I practically banned them from my home. The only ones sneaking into my toy bins were gifted, and even those were few.

You see, as the vail of innocence starts to lift. You begin to look at your childhood in new light. You look at your toys and pastimes from the perspective of an adult. When the time comes and you have your own children to raise and mold, you wonder what things are best not to be repeated.

The classic Barbie doll was not the ideal toy I wanted for my daughters. Not only has her face been recently plastered with excessive make up and ever skimpier out fits (a doll trend I will never understand). But the doll itself brought many questions.

Barbie had become unanimous with the “ideal figure” for women and the impossible beauty standards girls are being raised with. Barbie was tall, with extra long legs, has perky breast, a tiny waste, impossibly tiny feet which are shaped for only healed shoes, she even has perfect abs, completely with slight muscle definition.

That Time Barbie Looked Different

Needless to say that critical eyes saw only one thing. A doll that was shattering self esteem and fueling self questioning, doubt and shame for young girls. Not only that, but the lack in of ethnic diversity was also blatant. As a girl growing up in Puerto Rico, I can assure you, no one I knew looked remotely like the classic white, blue eyed, blond Barbie. I remember when a new line of Barbie, featuring a brunette and a black doll with an afro came out. I wanted the doll with the afro. I remember getting some odd looks at my request, sparking a deep introspection on racism when I later looked back upon those reactions. But regrdless, I was gifted the black doll, and I thought she was the most beautiful doll in my collection. I’m not entirely certain why I felt this way. After all I was tan, but not black, I had messy somewhat curly hair, but not an afro. So why the sense of joy and connection with this doll?

She was different. Even my young eyes could see it. She was nothing like all the other dolls I had seen before. She wasn’t an after thought type doll. She was well designed, with super cute clothes and accessories. She didn’t feel like “just Barbie’s friend” but a really cool individual in it of herself. After a frustrating search online, I finally found the doll…

Her name was Nichelle, and the was a Generation Girl.


Anyone Remember this?

Or maybe this?

It was 1999 and I was 11 years old… This would be the last time “doll play” would really be a thing and this doll was certainly one of the last “toys” I would as my parents for.

Come on… She’s amazing! Look at that face!!

A Little Sprinkled on Ethnic Diversity Isn’t Enough

But after I “grew up” and left all my toys behind, a deep sense of frustration with Barbie took hold. I resented them. The representation of the female body was simply too distorted for me to tolerate and the limited diversity in general was annoying at best. That frustration grew into rejection, and as my oldest daughter became more ready for Barbie dolls I found myself strongly avoiding them regardless.

Then this commercial came out…

Sure… It was a great sentiment. And I felt good watching it and seeing where the company was trying to go. But it wasn’t enough for me. It was still the same doll, pushing the same distorted female body. I shrugged it off as marketing and moved along.

Was Barbie in Mid Transformation?

One day… I was browsing the doll isle and one particular face caught my eye. I had never seen this Barbie Doll before… But this was in fact, Nikki, Barbie’s Official Black Friend. Her face mold had been updated in 2010. While the doll has obviously been in circulation for a while it wasn’t until recently that I have seen her popping up… And to my great surprise, I immediately grabbed her and payed for my first Barbie doll. Once again, I couldn’t resist the new (to me), unique, and authentic looking face mold.

So yes, yes I know, this doll is old news to pretty much everyone except me (2010? that’s… 6 years now.. WOW) But it did strike me as an effort to offer some variety in the face of Barbie and not just some “special collection” but its main line.


Barbie Finally Evolves

But nothing could bring me so much excitement as this week’s announcement of the NEW Barbies! Which are already available for purchase. I won’t lie. I saw this video and I could hardly believe it.

Here she is, the long awaited REALISTIC LOOKING Barbie. The classic doll line is finally expanding to include more than one body type and jumping on the body positive bandwagon. And while the cynics will point out that they “had no other option” I don’t see any other mayor companies selling Curvy dolls.

I would love to see the original Barbie doll adapted to more modern times, maybe re examine those proportions just a tag, huh? But in the mean time, I’m celebrating the new dolls.

So cheers, Barbie! You’ve earned a place in my shopping cart. And just in time as my oldest is about the turn 5, and she really does enjoy the 12inch doll size. Petite Barbie?! Oh yesssss…

The Evolution of BarbieEin Blick hinter die Kulissen, um die Quelle unserer Inspiration und das Team, dem dies zu verdanken ist, kennenzulernen. Weitere Informationen unter #TheDollEvolves #BarbieEvolution

Posted by Barbie on Thursday, January 28, 2016


Introducing the new Barbie Fashionistas Line! Now available in Curvy, Petite, Tall & Original. Order Yours Now Exclusively through Mattel!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

My Usborne Book Independent Consultant Kit

usborne 2

usborne 1

Who is Usborne?

Usborne and Kane Miller books are the most exciting, engaging, and educational books on the market today. They are high quality, innovative, lavishly-illustrated and best of all they are the books kids love to read. Choose from almost 2000 bright colorful and fun titles covering a wide variety of subjects.

30 years ago Peter Usborne pioneered a new generation of books that prove that it is possible to create books that compete with the vast media that attracts children today.  From activity books, to neat fiction series, to internet-linked science and history encyclopedias, Usborne does books better.

Kane Miller books come from all over the world to bring a different feel, culture, or just a silly story that kids everywhere can enjoy. Fantastic fiction series make Kane Miller a wonderful choice for the readers in your life.

Check out our New titles or shop by category, or start with our great collections to build a wonderful library of books for your family!

usborne 6How Did I Find Usborne?

So today I wanted to take a little time to write about Usborne Books! I was invited to an Usborne Online FB party by one of my local friends. And I thought, book, great, I love books. I was really curious to know more about this Independent Consultant Company that was a bout children’s books. I was very familiar with the Independent Consultant set up. Basically you order a kit, and then you sell stuff for a company. And for a long time I thought what a neat way to ear some extra money and have a bit of a part time, to sell on comission. But I never signed up for anything like that beacuase I didn’t believe in the products. Sure they were fun and cool and great, but I wasn’t in love with them. And I can’t imagine selling something to others that I wasn’t toally in love with and wasnted to buy for myself and my home on a regular consistent basis.

So I went to this FB party and I was immdiately hooked. This is a publisher who’s books I already owned. I HAD Usborne books and I didn’t even know it. the sheer variety pf books they offer is mind blowing. And as a publisher, of course there are new books coming out every year. So right off the bat, I knew that this was something that I could enjoy, my daughters can enjoy, and I know most of my friends are always looking for fun new children’s books and they will enjoy these as well.

So I signed up on a whim pretty much immidiately to become a consultant. And I set up a couple of online parties to get started, but what I was really looking forward to was having my kit, and planning some in person presentations and parties and just having an excuse to get together with other adults and do some shopping. I’ve always found it fun to show with friends at these Consultant Parties.

usborne 5


I got the “Big” Kit which is only $125 (I honestly forget if it was $119 or $129 when I got it?). I can tell you, that I ordered it mostly just toge a stash of books 😛 I figured I wanted to order so many from the party that it would be worth it to just sign up and get a bunch of books. There is no requierement to host parties, no need to sell an X amount of books. You just buy the kit, that’s it. But who would I want to stop there?

I’m sure some people really want to know what’s IN the kit, specially if they are considering becoming a consultant. So I recently made a Periscope Video about all the items I got with the kit. You can check out that video bellow!

This is the kit that I will be bringin with me on the parties to give people a tates for Usborne and the quality and variety of their products.

Here is a photo of my Kit Layed out.

usborne 4

Hostess Rewards

If you are interested in the books, before you just go shopping online I would like to invite you to host a party. Why? Because when you hhost a party, you get rewards! And those rewards earn you FREE and HALF OFF books. So if you are ready to shop, definitely put on th breaks for just a moment and lets plan a party so that you can really get all the books on your wish list for the best deal posible.

Here is my first hostess’s stash of books. I can’t even tell you how amazing it was to add in those hostess rewards and see that bill shirnk and shrink and shrink. Her kids banked!

 usborne 3

Pretty Sweet!

PS, That hostess happens to be an INCREDIBLE seamstress. Go check out her website if you think you need some handsewn love in your life.

usborne 2

Usborne and Doodling

And here is something that just sort of magically happened. Remember that Magic I have been walking about?

It turns out that my favorite Doodle Girl, Diane Bleck from the Doodle Institute, loves Usbornes and uses those books in her home a lot! She sometimes periscopes to draw with her Doodle Friends (me!). And I can tell you Little Lue LOVES to do this with Diane. We have since been grabbing Step-By-Step Drawing Book (which came with my kit) to draw different people and animals and practice some writing and story telling. This stuff is seriously prefect homeschooling material as well as pure fun doodling.

Diane and I have teamed up so that any time she uses her Usborne Books in her videos I follow up with links to the specific books she used. I really hope we can do some “planned in advanced” events so that people can HAVE the books in hand before the doodle session. I think that would be a blast!

Here is a recent video of Daine’s where we drew some mermaids and pirates together.

And here is a picture of my 4yo’s drawing she did following her video. I’m always so impressed at how great she does following along!


And THIS is the book we were drawing from.

My daughter then wanted to draw some more so we drew this Knight together!


That is from THIS book.

And if Doodling is your THING. I hope you didn’t miss my recent post about the Doodle Summit 2016 happeneing in March 18th! It is a full day online event to UNLOCK that Doodle Magic in YOUR life.


Here is the AGENDA I created for Doodle Summit 2016 <3

agenda doodle summit

Alright, that’s all for today folks!


Alyssa Milano’s boobs are “fun bags”…

Liliana Taboas- funbags cartoon

Oh boy… It looks like the shaming and negative breastfeeding commentary is only just beginning this 2016. Does no one care about the crying, hungry, cranky infants who simply need a boob? Must we all suffer through the infernal screaming? Why can’t I nurse my child/ren in peace, whenever, however? Why? Is it really so difficult to avert your eyes and move along without wagging your toungue?

*deep frustrated sigh*

Read / watch the unfortunate comments by Wendy Williams towards Alyssa Milano here:

Pop Sugar

Even Milano’s attempts at explaining the biological purpose of breasts were lost on the daytime personality: “They’re more sexual than a feeding thing,” Williams said. “I’m a mom also, but breastfeeding is only a particular amount of time. The rest of your life, your breasts are sexual things . . . They’re fun bags!”

Enjoy my Cartoon Reply

Liliana Taboas- funbags cartoon

Did you miss my previous breastfeeding commentary cartoon? This one is for NH Representative Josh Moore, read the blog post and get the coloring page HERE.

Liliana Taboas- Josh Moore Cartoon

Minnie Mouse Hairstyle { Curly Girl Hair Styles }


So yesterday I came across this video tutorial for a cute hair do for Minnie Mouse Ears.

It was really just 2 buns at the top of the head with a bow. But the way it tucked away all the hair really made a cute look.

The best part about the video is that, it was a video. So! I could show it to Little Lue and get her excited about the hair style and there for, she let me do it.

My daughter’s unruly locks kind of melt my heart, but let’s face it, I’m sure some people assume she’s never had a brush to her head and I’m such a careless mommy. Oh to be living in a society obsessed with hair and appearance. But Little Lue, my darling, as the threenager that she is takes her hair very seriously, and if she doesn’t want a particular look other than “long hair”, she will not allow me to style. And as most parents, we pick our battles, and this is one of those that simply isn’t for me.

But anyhow! The Minnie Mouse hair video totally got to her, so YEAH! I got to do her hair this morning.

I didn’t have bobbie pins on hand, but since her hair is naturally curly and a bit textured, everything stuck pretty good. Also, I didn’t tease her hair, I think she has enough of that from bed head LOL!

As I did her hair she decided she would do Little Girl’s hair as well. She did a pretty good job too! I put in the hair ties after she had formed her loops.

A proper photo shoot followed. So enjoy!





Little Lue shot this one :)

Little Lue shot this one :)












Hoping to get some pins and maybe even hair spray so she can rock this look at Disney for our next visit :)

Here’s the video!

Thurdays = Library & Dance

RAB dance class

Decided to bring the camera along this Thursday to our little activities. I have been traveling “light” lately and leaving the camera at home for most outings, but this doesn’t make for many opportunities for taking a few pics! So going to try a little harder to bring it along more often, specially now that the weather is starting to turn. Woot!

Thursdays is Dance Class day! We had taken a little break from dance class as well as gymnastics for a couple of months since Little Lue had been a little uncooperative in the mornings. But it wasn’t long before she started asking about dance class. So I decided to reenroll her and see if this time she would be a little more appreciative. We haven’t resumed the gymnastics though, I figured we would ease back in, and dance seemed to be more in tune with this child. She LOVES to DANCE. :)

So dance class is at 11am and only 30 minutes. So I have been also hitting up the library story time right before at 10am. Sometimes we make it in time, others, not so much. Thursday mornings is also Stroller Warriors! A new running club on base that my friend leads. But since I am getting pretty big now (woot woot 3rd trimester!) I haven’t been attending. I might try to make some meetings anyhow and do some mostly walking haha. We will see :) The weather has been so nice this past couple of weeks! It’s hard not to want to be outside. If you are local and want to get out running with a great group, go check them out!

But yeah, THIS particular morning we went to story time. And we were actually on time! Yeah!

RAB library story time

This is one of the songs they sang, goes to the “Row row row your boat” song music. Pretty cute.

RAB library story time

Actually sitting down for a story, progress!

RAB library story time


IRAB library story time

And now we’re off to dance class!!

I seriously love Miss Kate, she does a fantastic job and is SO incredibly age appropriate. I really appreciate her.

RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class

Kiss your knees!

RAB dance class RAB dance class

Wrangling up the dance crew LOL!

RAB dance class


We always have fun props…

RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class

Dancing with a scarf :)

RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class

So fun <3

RAB dance class

Can we start the New Year supporting instead of complaining?

Happy New Year!!! Wow, is it already 2014?! Craziness!

I want to start blogging on some different topics this year. So what better time to start than now? So here’s it goes. No photos, just words :)

To start with I want to address something that I’ve noticed to be quite trendy in the mommy blogging world that is sometimes needed… but starting to get a little old…

So yeah… am I the only one who is pretty much done with the “complaining mom bloggers” fad? Here’s my take on this.

Motherhood is hard… Super draining… Life sucking… But for even those horrid days, those days where the house is destroyed, you ate total garbage, you vegged on the TV, and couch surfed for hours because you are so flipping exhausted of the same thing day in day out, your child(rend) decided to scream for what seems like most of the day, they tick, throw, bite, you cry in a conner wondering what you are doing wrong… Even on THOSE days, no mother will say they will trade that for anything else (well… not say it and mean it! LOL).

Why? Because the love we feel for our children is so immensely powerful that it becomes the air we breathe, the light in our day, the reason to get up and keep going. Because that love alone can sustain us. Because that love alone, is simply ENOUGH to make it all worth it. Because that love, and those small moments of bliss when you look at them sleeping, or playing nicely, or doing something new for themselves, those moment when your heart could explode with pride and aw and love, make even those bad days worth it.

Now mommies, lets rally together. Find friends, find family, find support! We are all in this together trying to survive the hard days. And we are all looking for a shoulder to lean on. I suspect that our worse days are days where we feel alone in this land of toys, dirty diapers, and messy faces. But let’s try and look at those faces we love and remember WHY every day we make the choice to get up and keep going.

And let’s go ahead and try to keep the complaining in check, yeah? It’s just unflattering. I hate doing it myself, even if we do HAVE to get it out. How about we get it out between friends over a cup of coffee instead of blasting the internet with so much negative energy that gets passed around over and over and over. I promise you, talking with a couple of close friends feels a WHOLE lot better than ranting on a blog (been there done both!). Let’s spread some positive mojo on the internet! Spread the stories about the moments that keep us going, the things that make us feel good about the work we have been given.

All of you, us, moms are so incredibly strong. Whether you stay at home all day with little ones and diapers and puke, or have to wrangle up kids to daycare and school and gymnastics and then yourself to work, you are an INCREDIBLY STRONG AND WONDERFUL MOTHER. Your children LOVE YOU and think you are FLIPPIN AMAZING and you ARE. Not only that, their innocent eyes that only see who you TRULY are see the most BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, MOST PERFECT FEMALE FIGURE ON THIS PLANET. They do! So not only are you the BEST mother ever, the most AMAZING human ever, you are also the most BEAUTIFUL creature they could lay their young eyes on.

So keep on trucking through, momma… You got this. You are amazing. You are working SO hard to do what you do with little thanks or appreciation (heck, sometimes it feels like all we hear is how we are doing it wrong!). But I am a fellow mom. And I KNOW how hard you are working. Hats off to you. I support you, I think you are amazing, and I give you a HUGE thank you! Thank you for doing what is best for you and your family. Thank you for raising the children that will be my daughter’s coworkers, teammates, friends, lovers, family. Thank you for doing the best you can every single day. And if you need a shoulder to lean on, I am here for you, close friend or total stranger.


Now, ladies, let’s act like moms. And not like any mom, but like super moms. Because that’s what we all are, supper moms. Don’t get me started on the mommy wars. It’s not about HOW you do it, it’s about getting it DONE. You, we, are ALL amazing and doing the best we can for the children we are raising. No divisions! Just connections, support and understanding.

So let’s do it! Let’s fill the cyber space with some positive mommy vibes. Let’s talk about the things that connect us, make us strong and give us hope. Let’s gather and celebrate our strengths and not linger on our weaknesses. Yeah? Who’s with me?

Gymnastics Class!

So today was Little Lue’s second gymnastics class and I totally love it. I mean… she loves it? Can it be both? :)

It’s just so much fun to see her in a different setting, taking directions from her teacher, and having SO much fun doing it. I love the teacher Miss Kate, she makes the class super fun and appropriate for their age. I hope Little Lue gets to be in her classes a lot while we’re here! (She’s the same teacher for her dance class, yay!)

Little Lue is pretty good at following directions, but still gets a bit side tracked haha. Still, I can tell she’s totally engaged in everything that’s going on.

So this morning we tried on our new leotards! Yes, both of them… Because mommy was too excited to wait for Little Lue to go potty after she had woken up before trying the first one on, and Little Lue was too excited wearing her gymnastics clothes to remember to tell me she needed to pee.

So off with that one and on to the other!

We were so very excited to get to class… Little Lue couldn’t wait to take off all her clothes and just have her gymnastics outfit. Glad it’s pretty warm in there! (Did I mention it was in the 40’s this morning!?)

When is it our turn?!?!?! ***waiting for the door to open***

Decided to do a little stretching while we waited…

I think my favorite part about today’s class was when Little Lue used to bar to swing! She did it all by herself and loved every second of it. (So did mommy!!! You can tell by the disproportionate amount of photos LOL)

And just like that it was over… I think it’s cute that they get little stamps on their hands once they are done :) We always talk about showing daddy her gymnastics stamps.

Evening Photo Walk


So after a day of treasure hunting at the flea market, wondering around Ramstein-Meisenbach through their little shops, and spending some time on the base BX searching for tiny dance leotards, there was still no nap.

At this point I figured Little Lue would just crash at 7pm or something… So instead of trying to force on sleep at 4pm, we decided to go on a walk.

Heading out the door I decided to grab my camera and make it a little photo walk. I’m glad I did. I kind of love some of these…

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisay, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisay, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisay, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisay, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisay, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisay, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisay, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisay, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisay, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisay, Germany.

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisay, Germany.

And this particular photo just spoke to me so much. It’s of this really young couple… I didn’t want to disturb them when we passed them, but I had to look back and take one shot. They were very blushy as we walked by, like they were meeting in secret. One of them had come in a motor cross bike, probably from another village… It just gave me that young love rushing feeling; crazy, forbidden, new, and exciting. Any how, I love how this photo came out. I want to make more artful pieces like this in the future :)

lifestyle photogepaher in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau, Germany.


Family Vacation Disney 2013

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

So in the middle of all the moving craziness we decided to take a little leave in route and spend some time in Disney with the family. My parents, brother and his girl friend joined us, as well as my husband’s mother. It was just a nice opportunity to get together before we hopped over the ocean to our new home in Germany.

To make things a little fun for me, I decided to rent a lens I have been lusting after, the Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8. That thing was NO FUN lugging around Disney World LOL that thing is HEAVY! But it was great to be able to see what it could do and capture some great family shots while we were out there. And I LOVE the results :) Yay! For pretty family photos!!!

It was such a wonderful break from all the stress of moving. To just enjoy some family time and just have something fun to do all day. I wont lie, I was pretty eager to just get the vacation time over with and finish this hotel bouncing and get rid of all the moving jitters. But we really needed that family time. To just see each other and talk and be close. I know travel will be more difficult for everyone in the future, so it was nice to take advantage of that proximity one more time.

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau


Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in bruchmuhlbach-meisau


Happy Birthday Little Lue!!

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

My little Princess is 2 years old!!! Wow!!!

I can’t believe we almost missed it. Somewhere mixed into all the moving stress, my beautiful little baby girl turned 2 years old.

2 has been a hard age for us. Lue wont sit still at restaurants, she knows how to ask for all the things she shouldn’t have with the cutest most irresistible voice ever, she tells daddy to “stop it” when he’s crowding her with too many kisses, and goes limp on the floor when she doesn’t quite get what she’s been asking. Mommy’s patience seems to be pushed to the limit half the time and I find myself taking deeps breaths a lot more often. But goodness it’s hard not to feel completely in love with this child. Such an amazingly perfect mixture of baby cuteness and intriguing child like behaviors. Despite the difficulties, I know I will miss this age SO MUCH.

Ahh… My little princess… I wish you would never grow up…

Just stay like this forever <3


lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau


Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

Liliana Beatriz Fotografia lifestyle photographer in Bruchmuhlbach-Meisau

The Sunday Stroll


Nothing says end of the week in the Hernandez house like a Sunday stroll.

You know the drill, Little Lue gets all buckled up in her bike bench, mom and dad grab the helmets, and away we go.

This Sunday morning we decided to go to Sippin, and we were happily surprised by how empty it was. It’s quite difficult to go anywhere these days with Little Lue as she is getting quite unpredictable when it comes to restaurants. So an empty restaurant is a welcomed sight; less people to upset by the ornery toddler. Although it seems no one has noticed the floor tantrums, or given much thought to a little head pocking around the back of the register because Little Lue is always a welcomed and cherished customer at Sippin. I love that place.

After breakfast it was off to our favorite park on the corner of Whitehead and Caroline St. We only stayed a few minutes and then decided to wonder around down town.

I was kind of leaning towards riding the Conch Train again, but decided against it as I think that stuff is free for locals for the month of June. (Anyone want to double check for me??)

We just walked around the boardwalk and wondered into the Art Museum. Did you know that’s free for Active Duty Military and family? (it may be a temporary thing, but still nice that it was free! Go check that out!).

Back outside we had the pleasure of sitting in some shade  by an adorable puppy! Her name was “Coqueta” and she certainly lived up to her name. She was so cute and friendly. Where can I find more puppies to take pictures of?!!?!
















No more

So the last few days I’ve been trying to focus on putting away the iPhone, the iPad, the Kindle Fire… All those glowing fun little screens we’ve all come to love and can’t seem to remember what life was like without them. It’s hard.

After trying to keep these things away from Little Lue as a baby, there was no way Little Lue the toddler was going to ignore them. If mommy was playing with her phone all day long, what do you think she wanted to do?

So the fights over who gets to play with the phone started. This turned into swapping my phone for “her” iPad which I filled with fun games. This worked out well for a while. She would play her puzzle games for a reasonable amount of time and then move on to the next activity on her own… It didn’t feel so dangerous. And so we got more and more comfortable letting Little Lue handle the glowing magical mirrors…but something changed.

Of course the joy had to end somewhere. Little Lue discovered that these gadgets had something else hidden inside them, something far more… well… fun… Little Lue found the YouTube app as well as the Netflix app. And what started off as a fun game time on these little computers was slowly turning into more time spent watching TV.

In this house there is no TV until the end of the day. And it’s not even cable, it’s movies. Come evening time, when mommy and daddy are feeling pretty spent, we put on a couple of Disney movies and call it a day. Not exactly proud of how much I look forward to 6:30 pm, but it feels like a reasonable arrangement.

So you can imagine how frustrating it is to realize that Little Lue’s already pretty extended amount of tube time (2-3 hours) was having another hour or more added from letting her play with the iPads/Kindle. It seemed fun and great at first. A portable entertainment center that could be used for a few minutes while mommy does dishes, or folds laundry, or plays on her own phone (guilty!). But then I hear that little voice in my head telling me WAKE UP! and get Little Lue off the mini tube, and the kid’s happy fantasy world comes to an end.

What follows is a concert of tears, screams, and begging for her favorite shows. “Broom, broom!!!” (Cars), “Honey!!!” (Whiney the Pooh), “Bumbo!!!” (well at least she got one of them). Her tears go on and on for what seems forever, but I image is more like 30 minutes. But if you’ve been in the same room as a screaming toddler, you know that 30 minutes is a LONG time. Long enough to completely drain up mommy’s patience and sanity. Long enough to induce a horrid migraine for the rest of the day. And long enough to completely sabotage whatever it is that needed to be done in those 30 minutes and drain a large portion of the motivation you had to get anything done around the house for that day.

You start to pray for naptime. Or helplessly hope that the husband is on his way home a bit early. You try giving options of activities that could be enticing enough to forget about crying. You offer up water play, or markers, or whatever it is that’s supper fun but you don’t do so often because it becomes way too mesy… And eventually Little Lue settles down enough to nurse and God bless boobs and their mystical powers to calm down a screaming baby.

And Little Lue is calm and starts to wonder around the house. And you exhale a sigh of relief for the worsts has passed.

And then…

And then my sweet innocent daughter comes over to me, grabs my hand, and quite calmly starts to pull me and say “Come on… Honey.”

Cue mommy tears.

So no more. No more. NO. MORE.

I’ve come to realize that as soon as I pull out my phone to check emails/facebook/blog stats (ha!) Little Lue is reaching for the phone as well and starts asking to watch one of her shows. As if what I’m watching isn’t cool enough. I’ve come to realize that any time Little Lue finds the iPad laying around the couch and starts playing with it, instead of trading it for a more appropriate toy I look away. I look away and relish in a few minutes of not having to entertain/watch her (but you already saw the results of that!).


I’ve put my iPhone in a shelf on the desk. The iPad is hiding on top of a dresser. Daddy’s Kindle Fire is charging out of sight. And I have promised myself to limit MY computer time to “desk” computer time. Simply put, if I don’t have time to sit at the computer desk with my back turned to the living room, I certainly have no business playing on my phone. Playing on my phone while sitting next to a pile of unfolded laundry is not multi-tasking. Playing on my phone while Little Lue builds with blocks is not watching her. Getting minute by minute status updates from friends on facebook is not really a social life and I need to stop pretending it is.

I know that if I put my magical glowing mirror away and do other activities Little Lue will join me. I know that it is really me who is aggravating the situation by constantly having my phone out as she watches me. And I know that, just like her, I have no real “need” to play on my phone as often as I do.

I’ve decided that if I must have a distraction during the day it will be limited to the reading Kindle (original non colorful/internet friendly version). If I have some moments to spare they can be spent reading books or a news paper. Seems more enriching than FB and Little Lue hardly has interest or understanding of what I look at a gray screen filled with letters for.


So… This blog is supposed to be about pictures, correct? LOL

Weekends and family outings are usually the most tech free in this home. We make an effort to not pull out our phones while out for dinner, or being at the park, or whatever else. Here are a few pictures I took Sunday while wondering about Mallory Square. We wanted to kill some time before returning home after dinner, so we just walked around looking at the ocean, the buildings, the people. Eventually I pulled out my camera, because lets face it, that’s what I do. Yesterday the hubby asked about the pictures and I was almost embarrassed to say that I had yet to give them a look! So here are a few for your enjoyment.

May my days be filled with more quality family time and less magical glowing screen time.











Just another day

I often wonder how anything around the house gets done… Seriously, it’s such a constant battle.

One moment I am beaming staring at this lovely relatively organized living room/kitchen. The laundry is folded, the dishes are clean, the toys are corralled in their little homes around the house, and I can pretend my house is perfectly clean if I ignore a few scattered piles of dog hair that persistently reaper no matter how recently I vacuumed. And then… maybe 30 minutes after this moment of cleanly satisfaction, it’s like everything has been undone.

Little Lue is pulling the piles of clean folded laundry onto the floor (why, oh, WHY did I not put them away faster?!). The kitchen is once again messy form… you know… that thing you have to constantly do… cooking and eating. The living room suddenly has the same scattered look it did from this morning’s play time. And my husband has lovingly left his boots, socks, and uniform top sitting on random areas around the house as he unwinds from work.

Ahh… And look… the mess is back…

Well… I guess I should be glad, or else, what on earth would I do all day, right??

Here is Little Lue helping with sorting socks. As you can see from the pictures, this task was kind of boring, so she decided to liven it up a bit by using the sock as a twirling/dancing partner. When that got too boring she tried dragging me over to the “forbidden room” as we like to call it (ie the TV room) but I managed to get her looking at a book instead. But mom was taking pictures, so she wants to join in. So mommy says go get your camera!

Ah… This is daily living here…. What’s your day like? :)













What a let down…

When you realize you’ve accidentally deleted pictures you were going to blog. :(

I had some fun shots of another yummy restaurant in town, but I guess I will have to post about Goldman’s another day. I accidentally deleted the pictures. I thought I had already saved them on the computer, but I guess not; weird.

So instead all I have to share today are 3 pictures for going to Bay View Park yesterday. I was wanting to take more pictures with so many friends there, but Little Lue was not having the greatest time (there seemed to be a lot of drama revolving around this fun wagon she wanted all to herself lol) so it was kind of hard taking pictures while I really needed to be paying attention to her… Ahhh that thing called parenting I have to worry about every now and then 😉

Here are some beauty close ups of Little Lue and one of her dear friends. :)

Side note, goodness just look at those eyes!!!! <3 <3 <3




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