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Shooting with Eva & Mom2mom


Yesterday I had the pleasure of sneaking into Eva Creel Photography‘s fundraiser shoot for Mom2mom and taking some of the “action shots”. I have been taking a little vacation from shooting for others but what a joy it is to BE at a shoot, and not actually work it, but still get to take fun photos and enjoy sharing them with the photographer.

This was a particularly fun concept, we went to Kullman’s a local American Dinner (yes, in Germany HA!) and shot breastfeeding mommies drinking milkshakes! Does this sound familiar?

It probably SHOULD! Remember this fun project? Yup, look who’s sporting her awesome top! Love it!

You can get the #milkshakeboobs top HERE!


And how about some props for this photographer turned mom for doing some double duty on the shoot! I tell you, all the moms I know are some badass watch-me-do-it-with-a-kid-strapped-on kind of awesome.


After she was done, we couldn’t NOT take some fabulous shots of this hot photog/model… Eva can strike a pose on a DIME. WOO! She will put your selfie action to shame.


Thanks for the fun, Eva! Always good company :)


Here’s a link to the rest of the photos in case you need to see MORE!

Until next time readers!

P.S. Here’s that link one last time for the #milkshakeboobs breastfeeding T’s!!

P.P.S. Kullman’s has DELICIOUS pancakes, you should go.


The Captain’s Going-Away

highress wm-0675

We had my husband’s going away work party at our favorite vegetarian restaurant, The Cafe. It was a nice time for him to see a lot of his coworkers and just get together for some good food. If this sounds surprising to you, many of them had never been to this awesome restaurant and were quite scared of the dreaded tofu LOL. Thankfully, The Cafe serves fish as well as shrimp if a plate without any meat was truly too offensive haha. The hubs had been telling the coworkers he was going to feed them ONE vegetarian meal before leaving, so I guess this was it!

The Cafe’s manager Sam was so incredibly helpful, as always, they have such great service there. They made sure we got some yummy entries that seemed popular with everyone and bid us farewell with a delicious carrot cake!

We might pay The Cafe just one more visit before we made our grand exit from Key West. This place shall be missed deeply…

As for the husband, he got some really lovely gifts from his office. They gave him a flag for his unit that had been flown over Puerto Rico in a nice in scripted shadow box, as well as a nice sighed-by-everyone plaque. I know he really liked those gifts and will happily hang them in our next home.

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The going-away was last week. I am currently sitting in a hotel room enjoying being DONE with all the moving stress. Little Lue and I are cuddled up in bed watching The Tigger Movie as I update the blog and my new business website… I’m so so glad to be done with the house!! So as I get the chance write something up as well as edit my photos from the last few days I will have a few more “moving away” posts… Stay tuned for more “We’re moving to Germany!” ADVENTURES :)

Thai Island… YUMMM

Thai Island is one of the first restaurants we went to when we first arrived to Key West three years ago. I must admit that I am a lover of all authentic Asian and Asian inspired dishes. This side of the world really knows where the flavor is at! haha And Thai Island did not disappoint.

I’ve enjoyed their sushi, their Pad Thai, their curries (although I mostly leave these to my husband), tempuras, and stir fries.  It’s just good stuff. Thai Island also has wonderfully friendly service. Many of the servers know my daughter by name and are always happy to see us come in. I love that in Key West you never stay a stranger for long. With all the tourist coming and going, you can tell there is a big appreciation for locals.

We decided to forgo our usual table inside, it was so nice out we decided to go for the out door seating. They have a lovely view of the harbor.

We ordered our usual miso soup to start with… I decided to go with a vegetable Pad Thai and the husband went with a curry. Little Lue enjoyed some brown rice as well as her own miso. Although it seemed to be more fun to play “kitchen” with her soup than to actually eat it… because, you know, the day we actually order one for her she doesn’t show any interest in eating it, right?


Family in town

We had a quicky visit form my in laws this week. We were supposed to spend a few days up in Orlando with them but things got complicated and we had to cancel the trip. But of course they couldn’t  miss a chance at seeing Little Miss Lue while in state, so they drove down to Key West for one night to spend a little time with us.

It was hard pulling out the camera when we were busy enjoying our time together, but I still managed to grab a few images.

Our visit consisted mostly of indoor play, a visit to our favorite ice cream shop Flamingo Crossing (BEST ice cream EVER, will post about this place soon), and a delicious breakfast at Croissants de France.

It was kind of sad that it was such a short visit and we couldn’t join them in Orlando, specially since this was probably their last visit here to Key West… It’s hard to believe we will be moving this summer… Oh gosh, let’s not talk about that!

On to the pictures!! <3


The best Fish Sandwich in Key West

We hit this place probably once a week. It’s just that good. Eaton Street Seafood Market isn’t the first place you might think to head over on your lunch hour, but let me tell you, you’ve been missing out.

Fresh locally caught fish are on display on the counter, as well as shrimp, lobster, crabs, you name it. If it swims and it’s in season, they got it! And you know it’s the real stuff because you walk in that door and there’s no mistaking that fresh fish smell. Not the bad kind, but the kind that makes your mouth water if you are the seafood inclined.

So back to lunch. You walk up to the counter, check out the fish on display and point to whatever looks most appetizing. And just like that they grab that exact fillet you asked for, cook it to perfection, and shove it into your sandwich.

We keep coming back because each and every time (we always get a different kind of fish) we bite into that sandwich my husband and I always a agree “This is the best fish sandwich I’ve ever had!”. Little Lue particularly enjoys the “chips” that they serve with the food, “platanutres” (plantain chips)!

You really can’t beat fresh fish like that. Oh wait, and did I mention this is totally on the affordable side? Granted price depends on your choice fish. But when we’re talking about the “best fish sandwich I’ve ever had” made fresh right on the spot you might think spendy… Not really!

There isn’t much space to sit and eat. There’s a bar with a few stools inside, and some nice benches outside in the shade. A large planter in the middle that serves as an impromptu table. This is a great place to get your food to go, or just relax and enjoy a nice outdoor informal lunch.

Oh yeah! And try the smoked fish… It’s soooo good! It’s like the fish version of beef jerky. haha


DSC_1743 DSC_1724 DSC_1737 DSC_1730 DSC_1731 DSC_1742 DSC_1748 DSC_1744 DSC_1754 DSC_1756 DSC_1758


How did I come up with “camera latte”?

Where did the name “Camera Latte” come from? Well let me tell you!

Every Tuesday morning Little Lue and I go to Music Together, and when we get out of class we got into the habit of catching a mom coffee date with the other moms/kids who went to class. We would walk just one street over to Sippin, a little internet cafe. One fabulous morning I decided to try a blended caramel latte, and I was hooked! I don’t even have to put in an order anymore, I walk in and they already know to put my latte together with my usual butter croissant.

So when I was thinking of a blog name I wanted something that would represent those sweet and fleeting “adult” moments that I enjoy with other moms where we sit at a coffee shop and sip on some joe and pretend we can relax just like everyone else. Granted these moments are being cut short by the crying babies demanding to nurse, or the toddlers that now try and dig stuff out of the recycling bin. But you know, in our imaginations we are like the those sitting across the table from us… Reading their kindles, surfing the internet, and just soaking in that adult time.

Originally, I was going to name the blog “Caramel Latte and a Camera”. A bit long, I thought, but truly captured what I wanted this blog to be. When my husband asked me about the name as we were working on setting this up he simply suggested “camera latte”. Genius! I can’t believe I didn’t come up with it myself! He gets the credit for that one. :)

So today I decided to snap a few shots of my source of inspiration. I think I scared the barista as she squealed and hid when she realized I was photographing her making some coffee hehe… Perhaps next time I shall ask first! Whoops!









Lunch with daddy

Every now and again we give ourselves permission to go out for lunch during the “work week” instead of our usual lunch at home.

Today was one of those days, and we decided to head over to Kennedy Cafe. They serve Mediterranean cuisine as well as a few other random options, like Italian, and even burgers I think. Our side of the menu is a tad smaller than their huge selection, but it’s still a great place with great food and awesome friendly service. It’s also relatively inexpensive (which is a big deal here in Key West!).

Today we enjoyed the humus with home made bread (we always get extra bread, YUM). And I had the stuffed shells (do not be fooled by the small plate, it’s difficult to finish after all that bread and humus!). Little Lue picked at some rice and beans, and daddy had some spinach somsas (DO NOT ignore the sauce on the side, so good haha)… And if you don’t know what a somsa is, sorry, no pics, hubby ate it too fast! lol Next time!

Little Lue behave moderately well… Ran around the relatively empty restaurant for a little while (so grateful that this place is pretty spacious) and then settled down in the high chair once there was food to play with eat.













Lunch at The Cafe

So today was kind of a slow day; no library, no play date, no music class. The husband was out for the day and I was left home alone bored for far too long. So that means I needed to take myself out and Little Lue out for a date!

Of course there is no place better down town than The Cafe! It’s this awesome vegetarian restaurant (they serve fish and shellfish as well) and OMG their food is AMAZING. Like seriously, none vegetarians come here on the regular because it’s THAT good. It’s not like most other places I’ve been with so-so ridiculously healthy food. It’s just really GOOD food that happens to be mostly vegetables.

Little Lue was quite annoyed to see that our destination was not in fact a park, but we settled in our favorite table by the window. She happily played with the salt shaker and sugar baggies (err what do you call those things? Coffee sugar? Ummm… IDK whatever lol) which was a particularly spacial treat for her, as I usually snatch them away before she can reach them. But alas, today I don’t care. And she happily spills the salt and pepper all over the table. Fun times. I’m too busy planning our fabulous meal and digging for my camera.

Ended up ordering a cup of creamy tomato soup for Lue, and a peanut sauce stir fry. SO GOOD. Little Lue surprised me but chowing down (a rarity when we are out, she prefers to eat at home) on the soup, crackers, noodles from my stir fry and even some broccoli from my plate.


We took the carrot cake to go in hopes to share with daddy later in the evening.

A heavenly meal, with great servers, great company… Ahhh My day just got so much better!