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Disney Land Paris { Travel }


Yes, we made it to Disney Land Paris. I won’t lie, I thought we would skip this one after doing so much Disney when we were staying in Tampa, but as we planned my family’s last visit to Germany for Little Lue’s recital among other things we figured, what the heck, let’s do it. It’s only a few hours away!

So off we went! Here we are at a pit stop in a yellow field :)


We picked the Explorers Hotel because it was part of the Disney bus system. We didn’t really know what to expect, but I must say it was super nice and fun for the girls! I would definitely recommend it for those with littles in toe, it was super nice to have an indoor park next to a bar and totally decent pizza. But fair warning, the included breakfast was lame. So it gets 4 out of 5 stars from me!


Because we left at 6am, it was only noon when we got to the hotel… so off to the bus!

Day 1

I think Disney Paris is pretty. Not sure how to explain it, maybe it’s because it’s less about the attractions and more focused on the experience, but I found the park to be really well made visually. It was also SO EMPTY compared to the Orlando parks, we barely made any lines. It was SUPER nice and enjoyable.


  • Don’t miss the dragon underneath the castle! My 4yo thought it was a REAL dragon, it’s that cool.
  • Best place to eat was Restaurant des Stars in the Disney Studio┬áside. REAL FOOD, SCORE!
  • Don’t miss the Ratatouillie ride, it really is neat.
  • Alice’s Maze thing is awesome.
  • Space Mountain is a REAL roller coaster. OMG I am SO SORRY DAD for getting you on that thing. WHOOPS!


Day 2

Face paint and rain!


But a little rain never stopped us!


Day 3

Had lunch at Remy’s ­čśÇ┬áThe restaurant was fun, but my 4yo had a few strong words for the chef, who was clearly NOT Remy based on the Ratatouillie they serve her! Little Lue could give Hugo a run for his money in the food critique business haha.


Watched the parade!

And followed it out the park!


Day 4

Last day in Paris… so where else would be go?!


Found some cool lady street art, a lovers tree, and just a quick walk through the streets before driving home. Leave it to us to visit France and spend a total of 3 hours in Paris, HA!


Back home we had but one last thing to do… My parents wanted to celebrate the Tiny One’s 2nd Birth Day! It’s not for another few days, but obviously, that made no difference. <3


Hope you enjoyed the photos :)


Simple Toddler Activities { Paper Bag Robot Costume }


We like to opt for paper bags every now and then at the grocery store. It’s no secret that I kind of loath plastic despite it’s usefulness in too many cases, but when we forget to bring our bags with us, and I feel like I have sufficient trash bags at home, we opt for paper.

And I was honestly quite tickled when I realized that the paper bags we got this particular day had no logos on it! They were completely blank! SCORE.

So I folded them and saved them for a rainy day.


Somehow my Little Lue has a way of ripping through what in my head could be an extremely time consuming project. But alas, she’s more of a slap bang job kind of girl. What she really wants to do was play with her project. That she could do for hours hahaha. So I guess it makes sense that she wants to get it┬ádone with!

Well since they were already square, we opted for robot costumes.


I cut out some arm slits. First one I eye balled, but the next I traced the cut out I had so both sides would be even.


Then we cut┬áa hole for the head on the front of the bag. Tip: Cut out the head hole on the side of the bag that doesn’t fold over. That way it will lay nice and flat when decorating. I didn’t think of this for the first one we made and it was kind of annoying.



Then, ready to decorate! We opted for simple markers. Lue wanted for the robot to have lotsss of buttons.



And done!


The project took all but 20 minutes to finish. But what she really wanted to do was “play movies” on the robot screen. She would ask me to press “play” and then act out an animal information video. Thanks Kratts Brothers!┬á(Love that show)


PS I love these markers :) They give you a paint brush feeling and just sort of have a nice look to them.
Crayola Paint Brush Pens Pack set of 5