CreateSpace Review for Color / Picture / Children’s Book

Today I took a quick moment to make a short video review of CreateSpace.

While I was researching my options for self publishing I was really hoping to make a hard cover book with color pages so I was strongly considering IngramSpark, but the ease and affordability of CreateSpace won me over and I ended up going through them.

So, if I wanted to make a Hard Cover Children’s Book…

Why did I choose CreateSpace, which only offers Paperbacks?

  1. This was my first attempt at creating a book. I wasn’t sure how “successful” this new venture would be. I had no idea how much interest I could generate or how many sales (if any) this book would have. So I was really looking for a way to “try it” without too much heart ache.
  2. CreateSpace had no fees. Zero. Zip. Nada. I only payed for my proof copy and any other copies wanted to have on hand. That’s it. IngramSpark has some modest sign up fees, and you also have to pay an additional fee for uploading “fixed” documents. I ended up uploading 3 different documents to CreateSpace because of small errors and changes. That would have made for a sad paypal account over here.
  3. The cost of production / royalties were very comparable and reasonable. I did a bunch of reading on this at the time, but that was about 3 months ago and I can hardly remember the details. I feel like IngramSpark was somehow better here, but I also had a bit of an upfront cost, and, like I said, I had no idea what kind of revenue this would generate and if I was going to make anything back.
  4. Hardcovers, as glamorous as they are, come with a bigger price tag. Meaning the end product would be more expensive and possibly making it an even harder sale to my potential readers.
  5. Getting that Proof Copy from CreateSpace was pretty damn wonderful. I couldn’t really find any faults, the book looked great, everything was exactly as I envisioned, I had done it all myself. It was totally perfect even if it wasn’t “perfect”.




As for the COLOR PAGES.

I found a lot of talk about people self publishing novels and what not, but very little information  regarding children’s books and color pages. Which was deeply frustrating since that’s what I was making. I repeatedly read about IngramSparks having higher quality especially for color pages. But because of all the reasons stated above, I decided to give CreateSpace a try and see how I felt. If all else, I could pull the book and not hit “publish” if I decided the quality was bad.




I was pleasantly surprised. The photos in the book really look lovely. The pages are thick enough that you don’t see anything from the other side of the page. Sure, it’s a flat page, no glossy pages or anything fancy like that, but as long as my images looked good good I would be happy and they did look pretty good. My only complaint is that I find the cover to be a tad grainy, and I’m not 100% sure if it was a bad file or just less than stellar printer. But it certainly wasn’t a deal breaker!

So If you would like to see my video where I show the inside of my book and talk about some of the things I mentioned here, feel free to watch at the bottom of the post.


I hope this was helpful to someone thinking about using CreateSpace.

Good luck!




If you would like to check out more info about my book, you can read this blog post, or go check out my book on Amazon.


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