Family in town

We had a quicky visit form my in laws this week. We were supposed to spend a few days up in Orlando with them but things got complicated and we had to cancel the trip. But of course they couldn’t  miss a chance at seeing Little Miss Lue while in state, so they drove down to Key West for one night to spend a little time with us.

It was hard pulling out the camera when we were busy enjoying our time together, but I still managed to grab a few images.

Our visit consisted mostly of indoor play, a visit to our favorite ice cream shop Flamingo Crossing (BEST ice cream EVER, will post about this place soon), and a delicious breakfast at Croissants de France.

It was kind of sad that it was such a short visit and we couldn’t join them in Orlando, specially since this was probably their last visit here to Key West… It’s hard to believe we will be moving this summer… Oh gosh, let’s not talk about that!

On to the pictures!! <3


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