German Bunker / horror movie location scouting

So went to this old German Bunker. Apparently it was a mine for some red dirt used during steel production, later taken by the German army during WWII to be used for some strategic planning near the border of France, then taken by the French, then by Americans, so it’s part of the beginning of what we know as Ramstain. It was pretty interesting hearing about the history of the bunker, but it wasn’t until we walked in that we realized this thing was actually just the next location for some horror movie… This place was creepy as heck!

The bunker is in Kindsbach, a village over from Landstuhl. by Liliana Beatriz by Liliana Beatriz by Liliana Beatriz


There was this funky art work on one of the walls… Kind of fun! by Liliana Beatriz


Old phone lines… by Liliana Beatriz


It was crazy dusty and moldy in there… So I opted to wear a mask… by Liliana Beatriz by Liliana Beatriz


If you look really closely on this image… I think you can see a faint silhouette in the shadows… GHOST!!! by Liliana Beatriz


Just kidding LOL!!!!

But seriously… I checked the photos… by Liliana Beatriz


Andddd… Random bike in there… ??? by Liliana Beatriz


If you are interested in seeing the bunker, here is a LINK to an article with more info.


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