Good bye Key West… You will be missed…

It’s been a couple of weeks since we left our home in Key West. It was definitely very difficult to say goodbye to a place that has been so good to us. We all grew so much there.

The husband rediscovered his interest in bicycling. He would do a little mountain biking here and there in OK, but living in a small town where bicycle commuting was practically a given, he really got into cycling. Which lead him to meeting up with a bunch of triathletes and really getting into all this workout stuff.

Which in turn inspired me to start running. Go me! Did my first 5K and a few others and then somehow pushed my butt across the 7 Mile Bridge Run. You can read about that on THIS blog post.

We both turned a new leaf and switched to a vegetarian diet. We’ve been eating a less processed, mostly organic diet for well over a year now and there are no signs of us looking back. We both feel pretty proud of those changes.

Of course it goes without saying that our family has grown too! Little Lue is 100% Conch. She was born a little over a year after we moved to Key West. It’s pretty amazing how having a little human to take care of really shakes you and makes you examine how you are living your life. The process of child proofing my home had a lot less to do with hiding knives and outlets, and a lot more cleansing of a different type. We wanted less TV, more family time. Less junk food, more fruits. More coloring, more reading, more quiet time, more home cooked meals, more time spent in parks, more singing, more dancing, more smiling… You get my drift. 😉

We also adopted Luna, our wacky little husky! Life with 2 dogs has been full of new challenges and new adventures. I definitely don’t see myself adding anymore pets to the family any time soon, but with Luna I definitely feel like my fur-mommy heart is full. I love the way Bongo and Luna have bonded, they are such a great team. It just seems right.

So yeah! That’s a WHOLE lot of growing! And of course I started getting more into photography the last few months too. Hoping to keep that ball rolling once we arrive in Germany and restart my business there. Excited and terrified all at once about that. I loved working with Say Yes to Key West and shooting weddings. It really opened my eyes to a profession that is really calling my name. We will see what happens…

With all this going on you can imagine there’s been a lot of soul searching and even some spiritual growth. I got a lot more interested in Yoga and finding ways to re-connect with The Powers that Be in this universe. It’s kind of amazing to me how this awesome life force (or should I say Love Force?) that we tend to refer to as God is literally hollering at you every which way you turn screaming I’M HERE FOR YOU. And we just go on our merry way thinking “Oh my, what a lovely sunset.” I think I know better now and that’s a good thing :) I’m truing to wave back a little now…

I feel so incredibly blessed to have found such a wonderful family on this Earth. I’ve met such great friends along the way in Key West. It will be really difficult being away and knowing that this part of my life is part of my past instead of my present. But I hope the friendships we’ve made and the lessons we’ve learned will continue to grow in the years to come. It’s like my heart keeps getting bigger and bigger every time we move. Each home we’ve had is a like a new family and by the time we have to move; our family has double in size.

Now I can say that we have family in Puerto Rico, Oklahoma, and Key West! And it’s only going to keep getting bigger!!

So I will try and leave this on a happy note. I’m not very good at goodbyes… I’d rather just run out the door with a quick hug and try and focus on what’s to come. We will keep growing. We will keep learning. We will keep bouncing from one place to another. But we will most definitely miss every single part of Key West and every home we have to leave behind… That’s just part of our life.

So sending out some hugs and kisses to Key West. To the amazing mommies and kids that turned into amazing friendships for both me and Little Lue. For the incredible athletes out there running in the sun every day that inspired both Duvi and I to get off the couch and out the door. For the amazing foods and restaurants we found that inspired new diets and new blogs! For the incredible artists and small business owners that captured our imagination and dreams and reminded us of how important it is to do what you love each and every day.

Yup, you will be missed. Until next time, you rocky little island you…



Finishing up with a single image from our last day at the house.

The house empty, but our hearts full.


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