Gymnastics Class!

So today was Little Lue’s second gymnastics class and I totally love it. I mean… she loves it? Can it be both? :)

It’s just so much fun to see her in a different setting, taking directions from her teacher, and having SO much fun doing it. I love the teacher Miss Kate, she makes the class super fun and appropriate for their age. I hope Little Lue gets to be in her classes a lot while we’re here! (She’s the same teacher for her dance class, yay!)

Little Lue is pretty good at following directions, but still gets a bit side tracked haha. Still, I can tell she’s totally engaged in everything that’s going on.

So this morning we tried on our new leotards! Yes, both of them… Because mommy was too excited to wait for Little Lue to go potty after she had woken up before trying the first one on, and Little Lue was too excited wearing her gymnastics clothes to remember to tell me she needed to pee.

So off with that one and on to the other!

We were so very excited to get to class… Little Lue couldn’t wait to take off all her clothes and just have her gymnastics outfit. Glad it’s pretty warm in there! (Did I mention it was in the 40’s this morning!?)

When is it our turn?!?!?! ***waiting for the door to open***

Decided to do a little stretching while we waited…

I think my favorite part about today’s class was when Little Lue used to bar to swing! She did it all by herself and loved every second of it. (So did mommy!!! You can tell by the disproportionate amount of photos LOL)

And just like that it was over… I think it’s cute that they get little stamps on their hands once they are done :) We always talk about showing daddy her gymnastics stamps.

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