Happy Mother’s Day Elyse!

Today was my Mother’s Day shoot and it was SO much fun!

I decided to split up each of the mini sessions instead of writing up one post for every body because I can share more pictures of each session that way hehehe…

So on to the first mommy, Elyse!!!

This adorable mommy and baby boy were just to die for. He was just a chunky happy little man who was having a blast checking out the garden. You could tell that he’s at that age where they are really paying attention to their surroundings and enjoying this new found world.

It was so fun and easy to shoot this family. It was hard to mess this one up, and yet… I did! I almost cried when I realized I had an incorrect setting on the camera. And while I managed to work around this mistake while processing the pictures, it was still a BIG lesson for me. This wasn’t a happy accident like last time. It was mistake and I’m still kicking myself about it! Anyhow, lesson learned. ALWAYS check ALL settings before starting a shoot.

That being said, I love how this is all one big learning process. It’s amazing how much I learn from each family, each location, each editing session. I love this stuff!!!

Alright, without any further delay… Here are some gorgeous shots from this morning!











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  1. Lawna Price
    April 29, 2013 at 5:43 pm (6 years ago)

    Oh my word Elyse, I want one of every single one of them! LOL. They are precious!


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