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I am currently looking for work as a freelance blogger, writer, illustrator & photographer.

Looking for entry level writer, editor, journalist, blogger virtual/telecomuter positions.

If you are looking to work with an extremely creative, passionate, and self motivated individual, look no further.


main – http://www.lilianabeatriz.com

personal – http://www.cameralatte.com

other – http://www.divine-mothering.com




Kaiserslautern, Germany


BS Early childhood Education, Oklahoma City University



Photo Editing -Photoshop/Lightroom


Drawing/Sketching/Digital Illustration


Microsoft Office

Windows & Mac


English- expert

Spanish- expert



Self Published Children’s Author
‘I Will Always Be Your Mother’ 


Book Is Currently Available on Amazon


The images and self loving message of Divine-Mothering.com has been transformed into a bonding experience that is sure to touch the heart of all, young and old. Written from the perspective of a loving mother, this children’s book is designed for mother and child and celebrates the magical transformation women make into motherhood; from a young girl, to young woman, pregnancy, and beyond.
This book not only showcases the powerful images being produced by Divine-Mothering, but is also a joy to read and share with your loved ones. This is a way start the much needed process of normalizing, humanizing, and especially, de-sexualizing, the incredible female form; visual and literary medicine for the next generation of women, men, boys and girls.

More about the book here and Divine-Mothering.com/Books


Divine-Mothering Blog June 2015-present

Writer, editor, photographer, event planner, journalist.

Divine-Mothering is my current women’s advocacy project. This blog is dedicated to interviewing mothers and creating a space to share empowering images and stories. The blog has been active for only a few months and has already generated over 55,000 views with multiple articles written about my work. Facebook page dedicated to this project can be found here.

Featured Work

Featured Writing:

Divine-Mothering: Lifting the Veil

Featured Photography:

The photography for the project has been featured by several blogs, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Baby Centre UK, and several others generating tens of thousands of views and prompting hundreds of shares on social media.

Media features: Divine-Mothering Press



CameraLatte.com 2012-present

Photographer, writer, editor, blogger.

I have been blogging since 2012 on my personal blog Camera Latte where I share photos and personal stories with friends and family.

During this time I have blogged about daily life with as a mother, restaurants, travel, sports, and crafting.

Some of my favorite blog posts by topic:






Professional Photography 2013-present

Photographer, small business owner.

I offering Photography since 2013, Liliana Beatriz Artworks. I have experience as a wedding and family portrait photographer. Currently I have been focusing on women’s bodies. My most recent work can be found on my Client Gallery

Featured Photography

Print Feature: Runner’s World. Image here, and credit given here.

Media features: Divine-Mothering Press



Co-Creator of 3 Girls Doodle

A collaborative project among 3 bloggers/illustrators to provide a monthly coloring page, interactive FB group, and social media fun under the tag #3GirlsDoodle More Info Here

My most current artwork samples being shared on social media via Instagram or Facebook.

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