How to be a Military Spouse { Moving in 10 Steps }


Celebrating the Littlest Princess’ first Christmas in our temporary home in Tampa, FL. Note out improvized ornaments made by Little Lue and myself.

As a military family, in a short 7 years we’ve done quite a bit of hoping around. We’ve lived in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Oklahoma City, OK, Key West, FL, Ramstein, Germany, and Tampa, FL… As we make our way from one home to another the process of adaptation is always the same.

Step 1

You’re excited, the house hunting is fun, the place is shiny and new. It’s awesome. You love it!

Step 2

Realize you have no friends. This place sucks.

Step 3

As a military spouse, you figure maybe you will meet other people if you get a job… But you quickly find your opportunities are limited by your lack of familiarity with the area and a million other unique complications. This place sucks so bad.

Step 4

If you are female… you decide you should have a baby.

Step 5

You’re too busy trying to get pregnant, or being pregnant, or being somehow distracted. You don’t realize you’re making friends. Mostly based on the discussion of how much this place sucks.

Step 6

Wow. I have friends and I found this AMAZING Indian place. This place is pretty sweet.

Step 7

It’s now been 2 years and you love this place.

Step 8

Start daydreaming about what adventures await in your next destination and get really excited about moving.

Step 9

Realize you are leaving the most amazing set of friends and places that could ever exist on the planet. Your family has grown an extra human or furry friend, your house finally looks like a home. You know every corner of the area as if you’ve lived here your whole life. The thought of leaving is soul crushing.

Step 10

Avoid moving stress at all cost. Allow movers to pack everything with your spouse supervising while you hide somewhere else. Preferably some relaxing place with tea, coffee, or wine. Good byes suck, there will be a lot of them at this point. But the excitement building up for your new location will help you not crumble into pieces.


Can you relate? Getting ready for another move? Let’s hear it in the comments :)

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