I’m writing “Some Romance Novel” { NaNoWriMo }


November is National Novel Writing Month! Also known as NaNoWriMo. The challenge is writing an entire novel by the end of November, or 50,000 words. That’s around 1500 words per day. And that is no easy feat! But I’m feeling motivated to write these days, so I’m going to try and take a couple of hours every day for the month of November and I will not stop writing until that word count hits 1,500.

Today I managed to write somewhere around 1,800 words! Oh yeah! Too bad that at least a 1,000 of those words are garbage! It really took me a while to get into a coherent story, but I think I finally got into the groove half way through.

So what’s my novel about? Well, today* it’s about a beautiful young servant girl named Juliana. Juliana helps Lady Evangeline get ready for her life in high society in the mid eighteenth century. She picks her clothes and jewelry and dresses her up like her own personal life sized doll. But will Juliana ever find the freedom and love she so craves? Will Lady Evangeline be wooed by her family’s hand picked fiancee? What will be of Juliana if Evangeline marries? Will a mysterious stranger change Juliana’s fate? Will I ever finish this story? Who knows! lol


*No promises I will ever finish or that tomorrow I won’t be writing a completely different story.

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