Just another day

I often wonder how anything around the house gets done… Seriously, it’s such a constant battle.

One moment I am beaming staring at this lovely relatively organized living room/kitchen. The laundry is folded, the dishes are clean, the toys are corralled in their little homes around the house, and I can pretend my house is perfectly clean if I ignore a few scattered piles of dog hair that persistently reaper no matter how recently I vacuumed. And then… maybe 30 minutes after this moment of cleanly satisfaction, it’s like everything has been undone.

Little Lue is pulling the piles of clean folded laundry onto the floor (why, oh, WHY did I not put them away faster?!). The kitchen is once again messy form… you know… that thing you have to constantly do… cooking and eating. The living room suddenly has the same scattered look it did from this morning’s play time. And my husband has lovingly left his boots, socks, and uniform top sitting on random areas around the house as he unwinds from work.

Ahh… And look… the mess is back…

Well… I guess I should be glad, or else, what on earth would I do all day, right??

Here is Little Lue helping with sorting socks. As you can see from the pictures, this task was kind of boring, so she decided to liven it up a bit by using the sock as a twirling/dancing partner. When that got too boring she tried dragging me over to the “forbidden room” as we like to call it (ie the TV room) but I managed to get her looking at a book instead. But mom was taking pictures, so she wants to join in. So mommy says go get your camera!

Ah… This is daily living here…. What’s your day like? :)













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