Neuland Sketch One vs Staedler Fineliner

Staedtler vs Neuland

So here’s something interesting. I have been using Neuland Markers and Pens since they were highly recommended by Diane Bleck from the Doodle Institute. I think I was mostly tickled by it being a German company, and we’re here, so yeah fun!

However, you can only purchase Neuland from their website. My husband and I are avid Amazon shoppers, and ok this is kind of ridiculous, but it’s quite the disappointment when I can’t just add everything on my personal wish list to a single shopping cart…. on Amazon.

So as per usual, husband had purchased me some stuff on good old Amazon and had added some Staedtler pens to the cart for me. I was pretty excited about new pens, regardless of brand but we were surprised to see that these pens looks identical to the Neuland pens. We figured that we are likely dealing with the same makers and just 2 diff brands. The pends are pretty much identical.


8.90 euro + shipping from

Total 18.33euro

pens 2

10.57 euro + Free Shipping with Amazon Prime

Total 10.57

Can you see why Staedler was so tempting?

For a moment there I thought I might start replacing my Neulands for Staedler since I could hardly tell the pens apart. But I guess I was mistaken!

Today I was unpleasantly surprised by not one, but 2 defective Staedler pens that almost ruined a logo I was working on.I would now argue that the Neuland pens are higher quality. As I reached for a 0.3 Fineliner Staedler Pen (the equivalent to the Sketch One Neuland series) I found the tips of the pens to be hardly a solid round tip and instead almost brush like. The ink splattered a bit as I used the pen totally screwing up as I was making a really fine line… I switched to a 0.2 from the same set thinking perhaps my daughters had gotten their hands on the pen and ruined the tip, but once again, the tip was messed up.

Phone Pics

Both Made in Germany with Identical Packaging


Identical pen casing


Pen tips

Staedtler Left. Neuland Right.

Hard to tell, but the Neuland pen is perfectly round and solid. Staedtler is pointy with tiny brissels sticking out almost like a brush tip, which is not the way they are meant to be.


Pen Marks

You can almost see how the ink flares out on the Staedtler marks where the Neuland marks are more defined.

Extremely sight difference and poorly captured on my phoneB but I can tell.


I looked through the entire set and found that the finer tips (0.3mm and below) all seemed to have the same issue for the Staedtler Fineliner pens. When I pulled out a Neuland Sketch One pens to compare, I could see that the tips are much more defined with no loose ends/hairs making for a “brush” like end.

Now, wether or not I simply got a bad batch of the Staedtler pens or they simply have lower quality tips for the pens I can’t really say as this is simply ONE experience. But I certainly noticed the issue immediately and made for a very frustrating doodling session.


Needless to say I will continue to order directly from Neuland and just make sure I pack in a few items into my orders to save a bit on shipping. 😛

Hope this was helpful to anyone doing some Fine Tip Pen shopping and were, like me, wondering if these pens were, in fact, identical or not.



If you would like to learn more about Neuland, Diane Bleck has quite a few videos about Neuland Markers and why she prefers them over other options.


And if THAT interests you, definitely check out a recent blog post about the upcoming event, Doodle Summit 2016!


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