Opening My Heart Channel



Today I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the people who have inspired me this past year to take up an old and quite neglected hobby of mine, drawing. Including Diane Bleck, and her incredible Doodle Institute.

A Girl Who Loved to Draw

You see, I’ve always drawn, and painted. It was my first creative outlet. It was my first talent. The thing I knew growing up that I could do, and could do it well.

But as those middle school years press into childhood and you become riddled with insecurities, I quickly realized I was not the “best” at drawing. I learned that others drew quite well too. Others were in fancy art classes developing their skills. Others where involved in local programs, their art displayed. So I quietly stopped drawing, I settled into the myth most of us fall into. If you aren’t the best at it, you might as well stop. So I stopped.


A Skill That Never Left

It wasn’t until a fateful encounter with art class during my high school years that I once again realized I did posses a talent for art. I would not only create paintings that were well liked and admired, I also created them quickly and with ease. I would finish projects that were intended to take up weeks in a few dedicated hours. But again, I certainly didn’t think I was the “best” artist, nor particularly talented, but it was certainly a “thing” for me.

Somewhere around this time I met the man that would later become my husband. I even gifted him a giant canvas of ourselves. And I believe that it was at that moment that he learned something about myself that maybe have been obvious to everyone else but me, I was an artist. I made art. If you leave me be, to toil alone, I make art. I will always make art. 


Too Busy To Doodle

But as I got immerse in my college education, in finding a “career”, in nourishing my new marriage, in adjusting to a military lifestyle, in becoming a mother. Well, it’s easy to see how drawing took a bit of a back seat. But I never stopped creating. I learned to sew and quilt and make dresses. I learned photography and shot weddings and families. I learned to blog and started writing. And for a long time this is what I did. I kept joyfully busy.


A Little Black Cloud And A Journal

And then… one day… feeling exhausted from adjusting to being a new mother of 2 living in a country a million miles from family and support, I stopped. A dark little cloud made it’s way into my home and it made rain. Lots and lots of rain. I didn’t want to do anything. Feeding and clothing my children was about the most I could get done. I stopped making. I stopped sewing. I stopped blogging. I stopped shooting. I stopped.

It took a long time to realize what was happening, what I was becoming. But as 2015 rolled into existence I tried my hardest to shake off that negative energy and start again. the first thing I did was pick up that camera again and start taking photos of my family, my loved ones. The second thing I did was journal. Journal. Journal. Journal. I wrote every single bad feeling into a lovely leather journal. And then one day, I didn’t have anymore bad feelings, I didn’t need my journal any longer. Instead ideas started to flow and I needed my journal to keep track of them all. My journal was no longer a blood bath, it was a garden of ideas.

I was once again blogging, and shooting, and writing funny pieces. I even began to work on a project far beyond my imagination, I even wrote and published a book!


Opening Up My Heart Channel

And then, as the energy from my photography project started to slow from the downpour, out of the blue, my mother gifted me something odd. Oh, how mothers know.

My mom excitedly told me about this woman she had found on Periscope called Diane Bleck. She told me how she had started drawing with her and how much fun she was having. She told me of the cool markers and books Diane used and promoted. And when my mom visited me, she brought me new pens and markers and doodling books.

At first I thought, “What am I supposed to do with all this?”

But for whatever reason, curiosity got the better of me. So I took those markers and I started to draw. I looked up Diane and I wondered what it was that my mother loved so much about her. It didn’t take long for me to see the enchantment.

Diane wasn’t just teaching people how to Doodle, she was connecting people with their creative energy. She was using her Doodle Institute to promote a love for creativity and drawing and coloring for EVERYONE. It’s not about being the most talented artist, or the most skilled, it is about, in her own words, “opening the heart channel” and developing a new skill that can help you with your home, work and school by using the power of visual learning. Again, in her own words, “Practice makes PROGRESS not perfect.”

And feeling inspired I followed her, I drew with her, and in that process I stumbled upon my old love for drawing. Something I had not explored in years. And yet here I was, filling notebooks with drawings and designs and sharing my work with friends and family. Soon I realized that my creative energy was spilling over to my friends. Just as Diane’s enthusiasm had gotten me to put pen to paper, so did mine infect my friends. Among all the excitement, 3 Girls Doodle was created. My website got a complete new make over. I am now dedicating myself to some old hidden talents that had been put away for far too long. And the most incredible part? The connections I’m making. Somehow this energy is spilling over all across my life. Creative collaborations of all kinds are coming into my life and I am so incredibly pleased and excited to see where it all leads to.


Do You Want to Open Your Heart Channel, Too?


Happening RIGHT NOW to Help You Unlock YOUR Creativity

3 Girls Doodle

FB Community created among Wool Pickle, Robyn Mckeown Design and I where we will be sharing our free hand drawn coloring pages coloring and enjoying each other’s work.


Follow me on Periscope

I am committed to sharing myself live via Periscope on a regular weekly basis as I draw, color, read, and more.


Join the Doodle Institute

I believe so much in Diane’s Message that I became one of her Affiliates. I am an official promoter of the Doodle Institute and will I start to offer local Doodle 101 Lessons with her supporting materials. Please go check out all the AMAZING free material she provides and consider taking her course (which am a part of) to start learning a new, transformative skill.


Disclosure: As an affiliate I do get incentives to promote the Doodle Institute, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out these student testimonials that helped me decide if the Doodle Institute was right for me!

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