Rainy day pottery class

Monday came around again and we headed over to the pottery shop once more. Little Lue still don’t really seem to get the concept of staying at a table LOL!!

She did enjoy playing with the little clay animals that Miss Kelly Lever made for her, although was quite concerned when the heads kept getting ripped off. I attempted to teach her how to smush them back on, but I guess mommy was better at it since she kept handing me the amputated limbs.

We also got to paint a lovely peace sign mug. And yes, I do mean we, because Little Lie painted about an inch of the cup before she decided she was done. Mommy decided to add a heart and embellish a bit more of the mug. I guess we can call that one a collaboration.

Oh well.. At least we didn’t have an accident! She was dry all morning! Good job, Little Lue! She’s been doing so great… Still no accident free days, but we’re getting closer and closer.


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