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Reaction to comments made on social media that are too disgusting to repeat. If you would like to read, please check following links.

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Dear NH Representative Josh Moore,

Step Away from the Nursing Mothers. They have fangs, razor sharp claws, they’re hormonal, they’re sleep deprived, they’re some serious momma bears… and…

THEY VOTELiliana Taboas- Josh Moore Cartoon

Mothers DO NOT want to be groped by sick pigs who’s brains shut off at the sight of breasts. I know it’s difficult to understand that men don’t in fact have exclusive rights to  women’s breasts. They are pretty damn fabulous, I personally own a pair and can see why everyone seriously needs some milk producing sexy gold mines. (I’d really appreciate it if my husband could nurse the baby every now and then… ) But sorry, no. They happen to be attached to perfectly independent human beings who own their own bodies.

So let it be clear that NO ONE has the right to harass, embarrass, or physically violate the body and personal space of any woman feeding their infant.

Yours Truly,

A Voting Nursing Mom


PS. I like make Coloring Pages… If anyone would like to mail Representative Moore, or any other ANTI-Women’s Right To Feed In Public Idiot a lovely picture, you can download a version of this cartoon HERE. Or just color to get your “Is this really 2016?!” frustration out. Enjoy.


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