Shooting with Eva & Mom2mom

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sneaking into Eva Creel Photography‘s fundraiser shoot for Mom2mom and taking some of the “action shots”. I have been taking a little vacation from shooting for others but what a joy it is┬áto BE at a shoot, and not actually work it, but still get to take fun photos and enjoy sharing them with the photographer.

This was a particularly fun concept, we went to Kullman’s a local American Dinner (yes, in Germany HA!) and shot breastfeeding mommies drinking milkshakes! Does this sound familiar?

It probably SHOULD! Remember this fun project? Yup, look who’s sporting her awesome top! Love it!

You can get the #milkshakeboobs top HERE!


And how about some props for this photographer turned mom for doing some double duty on the shoot! I tell you, all the moms I know are some badass watch-me-do-it-with-a-kid-strapped-on kind of awesome.


After she was done, we couldn’t NOT take some fabulous shots of this hot photog/model… Eva can strike a pose on a DIME. WOO! She will put your selfie action to shame.


Thanks for the fun, Eva! Always good company :)


Here’s a link to the rest of the photos in case you need to see MORE!

Until next time readers!

P.S. Here’s that link one last time for the #milkshakeboobs breastfeeding T’s!!

P.P.S. Kullman’s has DELICIOUS pancakes, you should go.


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