Sometimes… It takes a whole year… Miss you Key West

A year ago today I was landing on the tiny island of Key West. I would be staying with my wonderful dear friend, Kelly, and Little Lue would be reunited with her friend Miss O. My little Wild Child would be seeing Key West for the first time. It was to be a good trip.

But I was so home sick for Key West when we visited that every moment was painful. I wanted to stay, and never leave. I took photos, but I didn’t even look them over when I came home. I couldn’t. It hurt too much. So the photos just kind of floated around in my computer… Every now and then I would pull them up and look through them…

I really miss Key West. It was where my first daughter was born. It was where I made some wonderful friends and created my first Mommy Tribe. It was where I learned photography and started this blog. Camera Latte used to be filled with photos of cute kids running around in the sand. It was my favorite sight, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

I now blog about pretty much anything running thought my head instead of focusing on family photos… but today, as the “Memories” on my FB Feed started to pop up, I couldn’t help but open up that file and run some of those memories thought my head. It was such a wonderfully fun vacation. So here they are… The photos that I had buried deep in my heart for safe keeping. I wish I had capture every second of the visit, but the camera was, in fact, not glued to my face. Here’s what I do have.

So what’s the first thing we do? Hit the park of course.

2016-01-27_0001 2016-01-27_0002 2016-01-27_0003

Walk down Duval St and get a snack.

2016-01-27_0009 2016-01-27_0004Wave at our friends from Key West Pottery who had just moved into their new location.


The next morning we have breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants. I had a list of must go places, unfortunately we never made it in to a couple. Too much delicious food on that rock.


We then walked around and visited our old house… We didn’t go all the way in, but we waved.


Off to the butterfly museum!

2016-01-27_0007 2016-01-27_0017

And the Accuarioum


Lots of friendly birds there…


The beach of course.


Another day we took a ride on the Conch Train. It takes you on a tour of Key West so I took advantage to get photos of all my favorite spots.

Can you spot anything?2016-01-27_0012

More park time.

2016-01-27_0013 2016-01-27_0014 2016-01-27_0015

We ate a ton of ice cream here…


Ahhh… I can almost feel the warmth…

Thanks for the memories, you fantastic island, you. Miss you terribly. Any will always have plans to return and visit with the wonderful friends we’ve made there.




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