Special Princess Hair “Half Up-Do with Braids” { Curly Girl Hair Style }

Today I decided to try something new with Little Lue’s hair. She’s usually willing to let me brush her hair when it’s wet, so I figured I would try something different today.

I told her I would give her special princess hair, what that meant, well, I’m not sure. And she wasn’t keen on the idea herself. But she was already wearing a pink princess gown, and well, we are headed to the “Princess Castle” (Magic Kingdom) later today. So I guess it all made sense for her that she should wear an appropriate hair style.

So we put on the Tangled movie as a distraction to the imposing hair comb and I tried to get creative.

I decided to part her hair in half and tie to small portions of the front of her hair into little braids and tied those off. The front of her hair is SO hard to contain, that’s where she gets the most frizz and flay aways, so perhaps this type style will contain her a bit? Maybe?

Then I joined the tiny braids with the remaining top half of her hair and tied it all together. Like a half pony tail. To give it a bit of a more interesting “princessy” look, I turned the pony tail inside out (Insert your fingers from beneath the pony tail parting it in half right behind your tie and fish out the hair through). Kind of gives it an up do kind of look. I was considering braiding the rest of her hair but since Little Lue had insisted on wanting her hair down I just left it at that. So the entire top portion is tied up and the bottom half will just be her natural loose curls.

Here it is just after getting done, hair still wet…

wpid-2015_0304_18314000.jpgwpid-2015_0304_18320900.jpgwpid-2015_0304_18341700.jpgHere’s what the end result looks like mostly dry. Pretty fabulous!




Gosh those curls kill me…



UPDATE: This hair style looked flawless the entire day! Even after a nap in the car! I’m floored. We woke up this morning and guess what? Still looks great! HA!

What are your favorite hair styles for your girls? And how do you get them to let you do them? I need advice and help LOL.

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