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Thurdays = Library & Dance

RAB dance class

Decided to bring the camera along this Thursday to our little activities. I have been traveling “light” lately and leaving the camera at home for most outings, but this doesn’t make for many opportunities for taking a few pics! So going to try a little harder to bring it along more often, specially now that the weather is starting to turn. Woot!

Thursdays is Dance Class day! We had taken a little break from dance class as well as gymnastics for a couple of months since Little Lue had been a little uncooperative in the mornings. But it wasn’t long before she started asking about dance class. So I decided to reenroll her and see if this time she would be a little more appreciative. We haven’t resumed the gymnastics though, I figured we would ease back in, and dance seemed to be more in tune with this child. She LOVES to DANCE. :)

So dance class is at 11am and only 30 minutes. So I have been also hitting up the library story time right before at 10am. Sometimes we make it in time, others, not so much. Thursday mornings is also Stroller Warriors! A new running club on base that my friend leads. But since I am getting pretty big now (woot woot 3rd trimester!) I haven’t been attending. I might try to make some meetings anyhow and do some mostly walking haha. We will see :) The weather has been so nice this past couple of weeks! It’s hard not to want to be outside. If you are local and want to get out running with a great group, go check them out!

But yeah, THIS particular morning we went to story time. And we were actually on time! Yeah!

RAB library story time

This is one of the songs they sang, goes to the “Row row row your boat” song music. Pretty cute.

RAB library story time

Actually sitting down for a story, progress!

RAB library story time


IRAB library story time

And now we’re off to dance class!!

I seriously love Miss Kate, she does a fantastic job and is SO incredibly age appropriate. I really appreciate her.

RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class

Kiss your knees!

RAB dance class RAB dance class

Wrangling up the dance crew LOL!

RAB dance class


We always have fun props…

RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class

Dancing with a scarf :)

RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class

So fun <3

RAB dance class

Gymnastics Class!

So today was Little Lue’s second gymnastics class and I totally love it. I mean… she loves it? Can it be both? :)

It’s just so much fun to see her in a different setting, taking directions from her teacher, and having SO much fun doing it. I love the teacher Miss Kate, she makes the class super fun and appropriate for their age. I hope Little Lue gets to be in her classes a lot while we’re here! (She’s the same teacher for her dance class, yay!)

Little Lue is pretty good at following directions, but still gets a bit side tracked haha. Still, I can tell she’s totally engaged in everything that’s going on.

So this morning we tried on our new leotards! Yes, both of them… Because mommy was too excited to wait for Little Lue to go potty after she had woken up before trying the first one on, and Little Lue was too excited wearing her gymnastics clothes to remember to tell me she needed to pee.

So off with that one and on to the other!

We were so very excited to get to class… Little Lue couldn’t wait to take off all her clothes and just have her gymnastics outfit. Glad it’s pretty warm in there! (Did I mention it was in the 40’s this morning!?)

When is it our turn?!?!?! ***waiting for the door to open***

Decided to do a little stretching while we waited…

I think my favorite part about today’s class was when Little Lue used to bar to swing! She did it all by herself and loved every second of it. (So did mommy!!! You can tell by the disproportionate amount of photos LOL)

And just like that it was over… I think it’s cute that they get little stamps on their hands once they are done :) We always talk about showing daddy her gymnastics stamps.

Little Lue’s last Music Together class :(


So last week was our last class of the Music Together semester. This would be the last semester we would be participating as our move to Germany is fast (too fast) approaching. We had started going before Little Lue’s first birthday and it had quickly turned into our Tuesday ritual. On the few weeks that the class was not going on I felt utterly lost… Little Lue and I (and daddy and Nana on the occasional class) really enjoyed our time there. The teachers, Miss Sandra and Miss Molly, were awesome, the company (mostly our closest friends) was exceptional. And music class was often followed by coffee dates and park visits.

Ok… so I just teared up a little…

Seriously… I can’t believe we are leaving our amazing Key West family. Going to our last class was kind of the first real marker that our time here is almost over.

I tried to take a few photos… but evidently my heart wasn’t in it. As they are all blurry and gloomy looking. I don’t want to say good bye. :( Don’t let the lackluster photos deter you. Music Together is AWESOME and worth it. I enjoy the music, the singing, dancing, and all their fun props and instruments. Little Lue loves it and I got to really see her grow in it as she started to learn how to talk, sing, follow directions, and just everything. It has been really great… I wish we could stay and enjoy it a little longer…

Sorry for being such a downer today. On a more positive note, I’ve been really busy with the photography business! Lots of weddings to edit and a few fun events as well! Go check that out over on my Photography Services page. 😀 All the action over there has been cutting my personal blogging time a bit short. But I promise Camera Latte is here to stay and I can’t wait to share all of the adventures that await us in Europe!













Rainy day pottery class

Monday came around again and we headed over to the pottery shop once more. Little Lue still don’t really seem to get the concept of staying at a table LOL!!

She did enjoy playing with the little clay animals that Miss Kelly Lever made for her, although was quite concerned when the heads kept getting ripped off. I attempted to teach her how to smush them back on, but I guess mommy was better at it since she kept handing me the amputated limbs.

We also got to paint a lovely peace sign mug. And yes, I do mean we, because Little Lie painted about an inch of the cup before she decided she was done. Mommy decided to add a heart and embellish a bit more of the mug. I guess we can call that one a collaboration.

Oh well.. At least we didn’t have an accident! She was dry all morning! Good job, Little Lue! She’s been doing so great… Still no accident free days, but we’re getting closer and closer.


The mommies of Key West

So last Saturday we were visiting our favorite potters and I came upon the this bit of brilliantness, my child is old enough to take pottery! Well… You know… Toddler pottery.

What? You never heard of it?!

Yes, there is such a thing if you find an incredible teacher, fortunately Kelly Lever is an incredible artist, potter, teacher and mother! AND she just happens to be a wonderful friend of mine who immediately said yes to taking on some tiny potters.  So I rallied the mommies and to my surprise (why am I surprised, though?) 4 other moms decided to join us!

So come Monday morning I excitedly ride (my bike! shoot, I will have to post about that one soon… ever heard of a bakfiets??) to Key West Pottery where slowly my friends trickle into the studio.

For about the first 5 minutes Little Lue excitedly stamped the clay, poked it with stick tools, and picked at the fun dough like substance… And then… She was done. I spent the rest of the time chasing her around the studio/gallery. Fun times. Some how I managed to get her to hold still and trace her hand in clay as well as paint a tile (sort of), but hey… At least everyone else’s children were happily working at the table.

Still… Lots of fun and we hope to be back again next week for another try!