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Editing… that thing that I keep messing with

So another Tuesday another visit to my favorite park!

I snapped some pictures for my friend, Kelly, who had her mom visiting. But I’m just going to post some of Little Lue and Kelly’s daughter. <3 I usually take pictures of just Little Lue or just Miss O, but today I tried some of them together for keepsakes when… you know… I have to do that thing called… moving…


While editing I tried something a little different. It sort of darkens the edges and give the images a bit more focus on the subject/s. I really like this. It makes the pictures a bit darker (which is definitely different for me since I love my bright pictures. But I like how this brings more depths and sort of lures you in. It was hard not using this technique on ALL the pictures hahaha.What do you think?

And of course I’m still not over the Black and White images. I’m really loving them too.

So yeah, a little kiddy cuteness for your enjoyment.











Oh look, it’s ME!

So Little Lue and I got to enjoy a little pool action at a friend’s house yesterday. It was supper fun and a huge relief from the increasingly hot weather we’re getting down here.

I brought my camera along to take some pictures of all the little ones in the pool, but it turned out that I never once brought it out. I was so nervous about having Little Lue in the pool that I just couldn’t justify pulling out the camera. And after a few times of her getting dunked under water (with me or another adult right there, I’m pretty sure I made the right choice!).

But luckily, someone did pull out their camera and took a few pictures. And when she posted them on FB I just yearned to edit them LOL.

So I asked for the pictures and I’m so glad I did!!! The pictures were all super cute and I seriously have so few with me actually in them. It was fun to edit them and see myself through Camera Latte Vision 😉

Thank you so much, Kelly, for taking the pictures and sharing them with me!!!

before and after- pic by kelly maatta

my pics-2897

my pics-2900

my pics-2899

my pics-2896