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We Stayed in a Castle and It was Awesome { Traveling } Kasteel Sterkenburg, Netherlands


It’s difficult to imagine for someone who’s lived on the “new” side of the world that the “old” side is pretty much littered with castles and Roman ruins. But that’s just the way it is in Europe, and these places make fantastic a bed and breakfast.

We stayed in Kasteel Sterkenburg in the countryside. It was only a train ride away from Utrecht, the start of the Tour de France this year. And let me just say, Utrecht was amazinggggg… but today, I’m going to share the castle, because it was just the most pampering experience of my life.

DSC_0038See that tower on the right? That was our bedroom… The third floor windows were where we stayed. The stairs weren’t that fun, but the gorgeous room totally made up for it.




All I could think about was what it must have been like to be living like royalty… in this very room… Did I mentioned I had been reading a lot of Historical Romance Novels lately? Yeah… I can see myself as Lady Westclift… bahahaha



I think we all liked it here.



Don’t even get me started on the bath tub. Just heavenly…



I seriously couldn’t get enough of this bedroom!Little Lue said it best and I quote “I want to stay here forever!” Me too child… me too…


Outside was fun too. Chickens, cows, fields…