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Thurdays = Library & Dance

RAB dance class

Decided to bring the camera along this Thursday¬†to our little activities. I have been traveling “light” lately and leaving the camera at home for most outings, but this doesn’t make for many opportunities for taking a few pics! So going to try a little harder to bring it along more often, specially now that the weather is starting to turn. Woot!

Thursdays is Dance Class day! We had taken a little break from dance class as well as gymnastics for a couple of months since Little Lue had been a little uncooperative in the mornings. But it wasn’t long before she started asking about dance class. So I decided to reenroll her and see if this time she would be a little more appreciative. We haven’t resumed the gymnastics though, I figured we would ease back in, and dance seemed to be more in tune with this child. She LOVES to DANCE. :)

So dance class is at 11am and only 30 minutes. So I have been also hitting up the library story time right before at 10am. Sometimes we make it in time, others, not so much. Thursday mornings is also Stroller Warriors! A new running club on base that my friend leads. But since I am getting pretty big now (woot woot 3rd trimester!) I haven’t been attending. I might try to make some meetings anyhow and do some mostly walking haha. We will see :) The weather has been so nice this past couple of weeks! It’s hard not to want to be outside. If you are local and want to get out running with a great group, go check them out!

But yeah, THIS particular morning we went to story time. And we were actually on time! Yeah!

RAB library story time

This is one of the songs they sang, goes to the “Row row row¬†your boat” song music. Pretty cute.

RAB library story time

Actually sitting down for a story, progress!

RAB library story time


IRAB library story time

And now we’re off to dance class!!

I seriously love Miss Kate, she does a fantastic job and is SO incredibly age appropriate. I really appreciate her.

RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class

Kiss your knees!

RAB dance class RAB dance class

Wrangling up the dance crew LOL!

RAB dance class


We always have fun props…

RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class

Dancing with a scarf :)

RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class RAB dance class

So fun <3

RAB dance class