Thai Island… YUMMM

Thai Island is one of the first restaurants we went to when we first arrived to Key West three years ago. I must admit that I am a lover of all authentic Asian and Asian inspired dishes. This side of the world really knows where the flavor is at! haha And Thai Island did not disappoint.

I’ve enjoyed their sushi, their Pad Thai, their curries (although I mostly leave these to my husband), tempuras, and stir fries.  It’s just good stuff. Thai Island also has wonderfully friendly service. Many of the servers know my daughter by name and are always happy to see us come in. I love that in Key West you never stay a stranger for long. With all the tourist coming and going, you can tell there is a big appreciation for locals.

We decided to forgo our usual table inside, it was so nice out we decided to go for the out door seating. They have a lovely view of the harbor.

We ordered our usual miso soup to start with… I decided to go with a vegetable Pad Thai and the husband went with a curry. Little Lue enjoyed some brown rice as well as her own miso. Although it seemed to be more fun to play “kitchen” with her soup than to actually eat it… because, you know, the day we actually order one for her she doesn’t show any interest in eating it, right?


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