The Captain’s Going-Away

We had my husband’s going away work party at our favorite vegetarian restaurant, The Cafe. It was a nice time for him to see a lot of his coworkers and just get together for some good food. If this sounds surprising to you, many of them had never been to this awesome restaurant and were quite scared of the dreaded tofu LOL. Thankfully, The Cafe serves fish as well as shrimp if a plate without any meat was truly too offensive haha. The hubs had been telling the coworkers he was going to feed them ONE vegetarian meal before leaving, so I guess this was it!

The Cafe’s manager Sam was so incredibly helpful, as always, they have such great service there. They made sure we got some yummy entries that seemed popular with everyone and bid us farewell with a delicious carrot cake!

We might pay The Cafe just one more visit before we made our grand exit from Key West. This place shall be missed deeply…

As for the husband, he got some really lovely gifts from his office. They gave him a flag for his unit that had been flown over Puerto Rico in a nice in scripted shadow box, as well as a nice sighed-by-everyone plaque. I know he really liked those gifts and will happily hang them in our next home.

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The going-away was last week. I am currently sitting in a hotel room enjoying being DONE with all the moving stress. Little Lue and I are cuddled up in bed watching The Tigger Movie as I update the blog and my new business website… I’m so so glad to be done with the house!! So as I get the chance write something up as well as edit my photos from the last few days I will have a few more “moving away” posts… Stay tuned for more “We’re moving to Germany!” ADVENTURES :)

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