The Mommy Mobile

Some time ago I came across a blog called Car Free with Kids. I became fascinated with the idea of ditching my car and only walking/bicycling to where I needed to go. I was also introduced to this fantastic looking contraption called the “bakfiets bike”.  This cool bicycle has a big cart in the front with a bench for your children (yes! more than one!) to ride in. I mean, how amazing is that?!

At that time Little Lue was still a chubby little rolly polly and bicycling really wasn’t much of an option. So for a long time I just daydreamed about my imaginary fantastic bicycle and all the adventures we would have riding around town.

Well, imagine how excited I was when my husband decided to find said fantastic bicycle and have it shipped to me for this past Christmas! Seriously, I had not been that excited about Christmas gifts for YEARS.

We are very fortunate right now to live in a fabulously tiny island called Key West. Everything is within a 5 mile radius, so I really can (and easily) bicycle everywhere. We go to the library, park, coffee shop, post office, music class, the pottery shop, sometimes we even venture the grocery store on this bike. So for the past few months I’ve enjoyed this fun little ride (which gets a lot of attention where ever it goes!) and so has Little Lue.

And while we are still not “car free” we are definitely “car light” and tend to only use our cars on the weekend. (Even my husband walks/bikes to work!) And if you’re wondering, yes the bike is pricey, but when you add up the gas we’ve saved. Honestly it’s probably already payed for itself!

And I LOVE this bike. It’s just such a fun thing to ride on and enjoy with Little Lue. It’s easy to just get out the door and go. And it’s not just where we’re going, actually riding there is an activity in itself (as opposed to the bored cranky toddler in a car seat).

Bicycle commuting is definitely not just for the child free!


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