The Sunday Stroll

Nothing says end of the week in the Hernandez house like a Sunday stroll.

You know the drill, Little Lue gets all buckled up in her bike bench, mom and dad grab the helmets, and away we go.

This Sunday morning we decided to go to Sippin, and we were happily surprised by how empty it was. It’s quite difficult to go anywhere these days with Little Lue as she is getting quite unpredictable when it comes to restaurants. So an empty restaurant is a welcomed sight; less people to upset by the ornery toddler. Although it seems no one has noticed the floor tantrums, or given much thought to a little head pocking around the back of the register because Little Lue is always a welcomed and cherished customer at Sippin. I love that place.

After breakfast it was off to our favorite park on the corner of Whitehead and Caroline St. We only stayed a few minutes and then decided to wonder around down town.

I was kind of leaning towards riding the Conch Train again, but decided against it as I think that stuff is free for locals for the month of June. (Anyone want to double check for me??)

We just walked around the boardwalk and wondered into the Art Museum. Did you know that’s free for Active Duty Military and family? (it may be a temporary thing, but still nice that it was free! Go check that out!).

Back outside we had the pleasure of sitting in some shade ┬áby an adorable puppy! Her name was “Coqueta” and she certainly lived up to her name. She was so cute and friendly. Where can I find more puppies to take pictures of?!!?!
















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