Wondering around Trier with some awesome company :)

I seriously can’t wait to get my new lens. I have been patiently waiting to purchase a nice wide angle lens to take with me when we go to new places and it’s finally going to happen this weekend. I really want to start working on some scenic and architecture photography. Scenic photography really speaks to my soul. I still wish we could have invested in some Peter Lik art work before leaving Key West (he has a gallery there) I really think he is my photography inspiration. Hoping to really focus on this part of photography while living in Europe and taking advantage of these amazing places that we will be visiting. So so excited on working on a new skill! Always learning, never stop!!

So here we are wondering around Trier. I almost wanted to leave the camera in my bag and just enjoy the day… But I simply couldn’t… Trier is the first older city we got to visit and it was pretty amazing. We are actually planning to go back very soon since I feel like I need to see it all AGAIN lol.

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