What a let down…

When you realize you’ve accidentally deleted pictures you were going to blog. :(

I had some fun shots of another yummy restaurant in town, but I guess I will have to post about Goldman’s another day. I accidentally deleted the pictures. I thought I had already saved them on the computer, but I guess not; weird.

So instead all I have to share today are 3 pictures for going to Bay View Park yesterday. I was wanting to take more pictures with so many friends there, but Little Lue was not having the greatest time (there seemed to be a lot of drama revolving around this fun wagon she wanted all to herself lol) so it was kind of hard taking pictures while I really needed to be paying attention to her… Ahhh that thing called parenting I have to worry about every now and then 😉

Here are some beauty close ups of Little Lue and one of her dear friends. :)

Side note, goodness just look at those eyes!!!! <3 <3 <3




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