There’s this weird thing called women’s intuition.

In my experience, women’s intuition makes you… curious… stubborn… unreasonable… but it leads you to magic. I’m talking about real magic. Encountering things that can’t be explained or reasoned. Magical wonderful things that bring joy and mystery into your life. I’m talking about following your inner gut, falling down a rabbit hole, and emerging into some land of magical fairy unicorns and talking flowers. Because that’s what happens when you’re tuned into your inner voice. That’s what happens when you hear it loud and clear and without a beat you march straight ahead right where you are being lead. That’s what happens when you completely ignore doubt, and reason, and logic, and you reply to your fears “My voice is telling me to go this way, my heart is leading me, and I am following.”

The more you listen, the easier it becomes to follow this voice. The more you let yourself go into the realm of your inner curiosities the greater the discoveries. The more obvious the benefits and the bigger the magic.

I can only imagine what it must have been like for women who followed their voices and they were called mad, they were made witches, and their magic… called witchcraft. Women have been taught that they are overly emotional. That they are irrational. Women are told they are too sensitive. We feel too deeply. But that is because we are connected to this earth in different ways. In tune with a certain magic that comes and flows like the cycle of the moon, like the rhythm of the oceans. We are the instrument of the endless cycle of birth, death and regeneration. Our energy swirls high and low with the dance of the cosmos. Our very bodies mirroring these earthly cycles with our moon blood, our pregnancies, our wombs. Our wombs the very mirror image of the cosmic womb of the universe which we inhabit. Many myths talk about people coming forth to existence from deep caves in the earth, I can’t think of a better metaphor for our earthly womb than that of the incredible caverns scattered across this Earth, our Mother Nature.

Women are naturally supernatural beings. Our bodies often defy logic and reason. Our physical and emotional limits are pushed far beyond our comprehension. Lean into that magic. Let that inner voice flourish and guide you. Let that voice call out to you and lead you down your unique path.

Awaken my sister, awaken.

Magic awaits.

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